NEET Exam Pattern 2021, Marking Scheme, Syllabus (Reduced?)

NEET Exam Pattern 2021: To clear any entrance examination, it is very important for the applicants to know about its exam pattern, marking scheme, and the syllabus on which the question paper is based, and when it comes to the NEET-UG Entrance examination then it’s a must for all the applicants to have in-depth information about it because it is the only entrance examination for medical students which on qualifying they will be eligible to get admission to MBBS/BDS courses.

So basically through this article, we will share all such information which is related to NEET exam patterns, marking scheme, and the most important one is the syllabus.


NEET Exam Pattern 2021

NEET 2021 exam pattern will be based on the details which we have given below: –

  • Exam Mode: Offline (Pen & Paper Based)
  • Question type: Multiple Choice Question
  • Total Number of question: 180
  • Total Marks: 720
  • Exam based on: Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany & Zoology)
  • Exam Duration: 3 Hours
  • Negative Marking: Yes (1 marks for every wrong attempt)
  • Medium of exam: Exam paper will be available in 11 languages (list is given below)

NEET 2021 Medium of Question Paper

During the NEET application form submission, the applicant has the option to choose the exam language they are familiar with, and once the language has opted it will be considered final and no changes will be applicable to it. There are 11 languages available and applicants opt for anyone as per their choice.

Those who opt for English their booklet will be in English language only but those…

Who opt for Hindi as a language their booklet will be bilingual i.e. English and Hindi.

While those who opt regional language, such booklet will also be in bilingual (Regional and English)

But in case of ambiguity in translation then its English version will be treated as final.

List of languages available for NEET Exam: –

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Marathi
  • Odia
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu

Regional language option will be available as: –

Medium of Question PaperExam Center
EnglishAll Test center
HindiAll Test Center
English and AssameseCenters in Assam only
English and BengaliCentres in West Bengal and Tripura
English and GuajaratiCenter in Gujarat, Daman, and Diu, Dadar & Nagar haveli
English and KannadaCenter in Karnataka
English and MarathiCenters in Maharashtra
English and OdiaCenter in Odisha
English and TamilCenter in Tamil Nadu
English and TeluguCenters in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
English and UrduAll Exam centers

NEET 2021 Subject Wise Weightage

SubjectTotal questionMaximum Marks

NEET 2021 Marking Scheme

  • Each question in NEET will be of 4 marks and…
  • for every correct answer applicant will be rewarded with 4 marks
  • But there is a criterion of negative marking and if your answer is incorrect then 1 mark will be deducted.
  • Unattempted question will be given no marks
  • If any of the questions available will be dropped by the official then each candidate whether they opted or not 4 marks will be awarded to them.

NEET 2021 Syllabus Reduced or not?

There are so many hues and cries that the NTA has reduced its NEET 2021 syllabus or not. On the 10th of December while interacting with students the education minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said that they had reduced the CBSE board syllabus by 30% for the current session and the questions that will be asked in the NEET 2021 will be based only on that rest 70% syllabus.

NEET 2021 Syllabus

NEET 2021 syllabus is comprised of three main subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The biology section was further divided into two sections viz. Zoology and Botany. The said syllabus will be of intermediate level. In the section given below, we have mentioned NEET 2021 syllabus in detail and also students can download the pdf file of it. If you want to collect more information regarding the NEET 2021 syllabus you can also visit MCC India official website or from NTA NEET 2021 Notification.

NEET Physics Syllabus

Class 11th  (Topics)Class 12th (Topics)
Physical World & measurementElectrostatics
KinematicsMagnetic effects of current and magnetism
Laws of motionCurrent electricity
Work energy and powerDual nature of matter and radiation
The motion of a system of particles and rigid bodyAtoms and Nuclei
ThermodynamicsElectromagnetic Induction and alternating currents
Waves and oscillationElectromagnetic waves
The behavior of perfect gas and kinetic theoryOptics
Bulk matter propertiesElectronic devices

NEET Chemistry Syllabus

Class 11th  (Topics)Class 12th (Topics)
Concept of chemistryAlcohols, phenols, and ethers
Chemical bonding and molecular structureSolid-state
Structure of atomHalo alkanes and haloarenes
Classification of elements and periodicity in propertiesElectrochemistry
ThermodynamicsGeneral principles and process of isolation of elements
HydrogenChemical Kinetics
States of matter: gases and liquidsD and f block elements
s-block element (Alkali and alkaline earth metals)Surface chemistry
EquilibriumCoordination compounds
p-block elementsp-block elements
Redox reactionSolutions
Organic chemistry its basic principles and techniquesPolymers
Environmental chemistryBiomolecular
HydrocarbonsChemistry in everyday life
 –Organic compounds containing nitrogen
 –Aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids

NEET Biology Syllabus

Class 11th  (Topics)Class 12th (Topics)
Diversity in a living worldReproduction
Cell structure and functionBiology and human welfare
Structural Organisation in animals and plantsBiotechnology and its applications
Plant physiologyEcology and environment
Human physiology 

Download NEET 2021 Syllabus PDF file

FAQs Releated to NEET Exam 2021 Pattern

Is regional language can be opt by anyone?

Yes, anyone can opt for the regional language but you have to choose the exam center for that state only whose language you are opting for because the regional booklet will only be available as per the states.

Is there any negative marking in NEET 2021 examination?

Yes, for every incorrect answer one marks of the candidates will be deducted.

Do applicant need to qualify individually in NEET 2021?

No, as such there is no sectional qualifying for NEET 2021. Applicants need to qualify for the exam as a whole.

Whether NEET 2021 exam will be conducted online or offline?

NEET 2021 examination will be conducted in the conventional method which is pen paper-based (Offline).

How many question will be there in NEET 2021 examination?

Total 180 question will be asked in the NEET examination.

Where can I get the NEET 2021 complete syllabus?

Students can download the PDF file of the NEET syllabus from out link shared in our article or from the MCI India website.

What will be the duration NEET 2021 examination?

3 hours.

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