India Lockdown News: Will there be another lockdown in the country anytime soon?

India Lockdown News: With the detection of four BF.7 variant cases of Omicron Corona Virus in India, there has been a frightening sensation that has run through not only the Government but the entire nation. With China facing another wave of Coronavirus and suspected of dealing with this particular variant, India lies under a constant radar of facing a lethal fourth wave. The nation has seen uncountable deaths and apocalyptic situations during the first, second, and third waves. If there shall be an uncontrollable surge in the covid cases in the coming times, there is a large possibility of a fourth wave.

This implies that the Government of India will soon lock the masses in order to avoid the transmissibility and the aftermath of the virus.

India Lockdown News
Will there be another lockdown in India anytime soon?

There are many rumours and news reports that have been doing rounds on the internet where some alleged insider info claims that the Centre will impose a lockdown. However, the authorities have not yet spoken on the matter of a lockdown and have not indicated strict restrictions. Here, in the ensuing space, we have articulated the answer to the present conundrum, Will there be another lockdown in the country anytime soon?

India Lockdown News and Fourth Wave

With the BF.7 haunting, the second most populous nation in the world, India finds itself absolutely petrified of being attacked by the fourth wave. This variant is the suspected cause of the deadly infections in the neighbouring nation, China. As of December 2022, four cases of the variant have been discovered in India. One case was found in Odisha while the other three were detected in Gujarat. Additionally, two new cases have been found at the Kolkata airport and there is a very strong chance that these are of the same variant.

However, there is no specifically confirmed report pertaining to the same. As on 27 December 2022, 166 new Covid Cases were reported in India. The daily average of cases in the previous week was 180. This is a very in-controlled situation. It is only dependent on time and how the situations will unfold in the coming future.

Will there be a Fourth Wave of Coronavirus in India?

India is very unlikely to witness the fourth wave of Coronavirus. As far as the BF.7 or BF. variant of the Omicron virus is to be considered, there are no confirmations of its danger. It is still very dangling how much effective the vaccines shall be against this virus. The mutation has not prominently entered India in its full swing and there is a hope that Indians are better immune to the disease as compared to other nationals. Nearly all the citizens across the nation are double vaccinated. Additionally, many have even taken the booster dose in order to protect themselves from any infection.

A large section of the country has been detected with the infection previously amid first, second, and third waves. Due to this, they have developed a better immunity which is topped by vaccination. Furthermore, the efforts in vaccinating minors are also being promoted in full and complete swing.

Indians have taken a decent amount of precautions and have displayed complete coordination with the Government in matters of the virus. They have very carefully missed out on facing the adverse effects of the third wave. Thus, this clarifies that in case there is a very strong permutation of India under the dangers of another wave, Indians might be able to dodge to a very large extent.

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Will there be another lockdown soon in India?

As per the reports and statements from experts on the Coronavirus are to be believed, the nation will not be locked down by the Government of India anytime soon. There is a very strong chance that the Centre will imply a curfew on New Year’s Eve in order to avoid large gatherings which can risk multiple infections and a hike in the number of cases. The authorities have already announced that the upcoming surge in cases can be extreme and hence, precautionary measures have to be taken at all times. Furthermore, masks have been implied as a requirement and large public meetings or celebrations have been unadvised.

The Prime Minister has addressed the nation regarding the rise in cases and detection of BF.7 cases in the last Mann Ki Baat session. He asked the citizens to be “vigilant“. He has only delivered warnings and advocated precautions as of now. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and other organisations have also bashed such rumours that indicate a lockdown or BF.7 as deadly.

As of now, there shall be no lockdown in the year 2022 and situations at the beginning of 2023 can only indicate what the situations in the coming future can be like. The citizens of India must keep precautions at all times and avoid public gatherings, unnecessary contact, international flights and travel, sanitation, and hygiene, and keep a perpetual check on the symptoms. Keep checking this space for all the latest updates on India Lockdown News.

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  1. There should be a another locked down because it is very dangerour for us when the second wave hit to India that time there were telling there is no virus but at that time many people died we want another locked down to be safe and not put our life in a risk


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