Bimbisara Movie Review; Should You watch?

Bimbisara Movie Review: It seems as if the South Indian film industry has decoded the secretive formula for the success of Historical Films. Mallidi Vasishta and Hari Krishna K along with N.T.R. Arts released their much-awaited movie for the year, Bimbisara. The film was released in the theatres on 5 August 2022. Since then, praises have been pouring in for the incredible actor and the main lead of the movie, Kalyan Ram. He has managed to outshine in this well-directed historical fantasy film. His performance is worth a watch and he has probably delivered the best work of his career as Bimbisara. Not only the rating department excels in the movie but along with it, the Background Scores, VFX, Action Sequences, Screenplay, and so much more offer an impressive take on the movie. Read the Telugu Historical Action Thriller, Bimbisara Movie Review in the subsequent article.

Kalyan Ram's Bimbisara Movie Review
Review of Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara

Bimbisara Movie Review 2022

On 5 August 2022, Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara hit the theatres. The movie is presented by NTR Arts. The makers of the film waited a long time in order to Ram’s dates for the film and they potentially made the best possible decision as he delivered the performance of his lifetime. If one is to talk anything in regards to Bimbisara Movie Review, all the departments need to be discussed in precision as all those who worked for this film have ensured perfection. Be it layers of the writing, or the adaptation of the characters by the Actors, every level of the film is brightened with hard work and excellence. However, the movie exudes its failures in its story and establishment of female characters. As we expect a strong opposition from the villain in a typical Telugu film, we might end up feeling disappointed to a certain extent. Nevertheless, the movie is worthy of all the appreciation and it deserves a theatrical watch from all the stans of Telugu Cinema and its magic.

Bimbisara Movie Review: Highlights

Name of the MovieBimbisara
Date of Release5 August 2022
Production CompanyNTR Arts
WriterMallidi Vasishta
DirectorMallidi Vasishta
ProducerHari Krishna K
CastNandamuri Kalyan Ram
Catherine Tresa
Samyuktha Menon
Prakash Raj
Running Time 147 minutes
BudgetRs. 40 Crores
First Day Collection at Indian Box OfficeRs. 9.50 Crores

The plot of the movie

The movie is a blend of the historical tale of an evil ruler who experiences a rational realisation of his character in modern time travel. The film initially flows in ancient times when the unjustly headed ruler of Trigartala. Just as we expect him to be merciless, he has imbibed with multiple strengths in his character flow and the iron fists add to the personality aura. His aim is to conquer the world and emerge as the most powerful king even if it asks for merciless bloodshed. The twists arise when he reaches the modern time which is much different in setting and process to his own life. Here the character explores the positive sides of the character fighting against anything that obstacles his righteousness. Here he finds a girl and opts for her protection at all costs. The film deals with his determination in his duties, be it the evil ones or the kinder ones. The plot is full of major twists and turns and the movie presents them all in a perfect line.

VFX and Cinematography

The movie is a delight to the eyes. As far as cinematography is concerned, the film is full of visuals that are relief and treatment. This film looks good to watch and the placing of the set along with the adjustments of the camera, makes everything look grand. The film seems very extravagant in its initial half when we deal with the historical part of it. However, in the second one, the movie seems to be filed in a very real-life setting. This is the beauty of the film. The cinematography helps the viewers to set their eyes on the shifting time travel phases. In the periodical part of the movie, the audience naturally expects to see the glory of the world in the past. The movie manages to do that. The VFX highlight every aspect of the film as it is required.

Performances in Kalyan’s Bimbisara

When we call the movie, “Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara”, it all seems very right. This is because he shines out loud in the film. The movie is nothing but a gallery of the art which he can bring to the table. It would not be a very untrue claim when one would call Bimbisara as the best performance of this career. He has managed to empathise with the lead even in his negative shades and this is the prime cause of the excellence of his craft. One would hate him as the evil and obsessed ruler Bimbisara who aims to cause nothing but misery to the world in any way possible. It will be tough to look at his unconcern about the sufferance of humankind on the screen. Here, Ram has definitely bagged unlimited appreciation for his performance because his portrayal is so on point.

When he steps in the shoes of Bimbisara who lands up in the modern world falling out of his comfort zones due to a baffling curse, Kalyan portays it all so well. To watch him sympathizing with the world in Hyderabad in 2022 is heartwarming. His care for the girl is equally well expressed through the minute nonchalant gestures on the screen. Kalyan Ram as Bimbisara is a treat. He has brought this fiction and fantasy of the writer, Mallidi Vasishta to life. Both greys of the character are reflected in the true sense and the shift of moods and tonalities is so natural and strong that it makes the movie so believable. One would watch him as Bimbisara and not Kalyan Ram. It is never for once in the movie that the actual personality of Kalyan Ram could take over the magic he intends upon creating onscreen as Bimbisara. Every celebrity, critic, fan, and viewer presently showering so much love upon the film and Kalyan Ram, simply speaks volumes about the perfection with which he has performed.

While discussing the parts and portrayals of other actors, there is so less to speak about even though each actor has performed well, there was just limited to acting for them. The movie is Bimbisara centric. However, the performances of all others support him well. Catherine Tresa and Samyuktha Menon try to deliver the best they could but the writing of their characters just does not suit their efforts. Their characters fail to impact the audience since there is a very restricted time and freedom allowed to them. As we talk about Prakash Raj, he always manages to promisingly impress the audience with whatever extraordinary or ordinary he is handed. The audience would want more of him on the screen but the movie is all about Bimbisara and Kalyan Ram.

Should you watch Bimbisara?

In a nutshell, Bimbisara promises entertainment, a flow of emotions, empathy, sympathy, and hatred for all that is presented on screen. It seems very unfair to reject a film like Bimbisara for a theatrical watch. The performance is a treat for all those who consider cinema art. The story, plot twists, and character unfoldings seem very predictable at a point in the second half but still manage to hold the audiences to their seats. Those who are seeking to watch an entertainer shall feel absolutely fulfilled after watching the drama and action sequences that the film has to present. Bimbisara is a film that even when it might lack at some point in the film in a department, others come and hold it together. it might not be perfect but it is excellent.

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