Popular IT Jobs in India

Popular IT Jobs in India, highest paying software jobs in india:
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In the 21st century, with multifarious jobs to go for, it is very difficult to choose what one should opt as a career.

Either you can go for Short Term Courses After 12th For Job or study long term course after 12 to make your career. Some people come from various backgrounds with various qualifications, and out of a bucket of fields, one has to choose what one really wants to do. And one of them is IT Jobs in India. With that, we have written this article on popular IT jobs in India.

With digital means and organised planning, development is mandatory. With minimum effort and time, a maximum profit is needed to both the company as well as the employee. So what is the magic wand that can turn you into a millionaire within the initial years of your work?

Information technology comes as a Manna to millions. Ranging from digital to content, everywhere, information technology has spread its arms with benefits all over. Search for some stuff of you and the information technology will mould it into a whole career. Looking back to the life stories of some great men like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or at times Mr Steve Jobs, all have grasped the success in their hands because of the wonderful powers of information technology. If you are interested in other careers choices, you should read our article on the Highest Paying Jobs in India 2020.


The information technology is a massive sector which has now become an explosive because of its unending benefits. The IT sector has finally got the ability to employ millions of people with a decent salary and with some updated skills and lets students to fetch their success very easily at a short span of time. Let’s get started with the best salary it jobs in India.

Popular IT Jobs in India

ob titleQualificationsAverage Pay (Per Month)Skills
Computer and data scientist Qualification – graduate in information technology or computer science  Rs. 1,60,000Tracking the unstructured data and moulding it into an organised information
Software engineer Qualification –Graduation in information technology or computer science, certification in mathematicsRs. 150000mechanism of functioning of the software
Information technology manager Qualification— Graduation in information technologyRs. 100000SEO(search engine optimisation) or PLM product life-cycle management.
Full stack developer    Qualification –Graduation in information technology or computer science, certification in mathematicsRs. 1,10,000.web development along with designing of API
Computer network architects Qualification –Graduation in information technology or computer science, certification in mathematicsRs. 87919form a digital infrastructure in the networks
Information security analyst  Qualification— Graduation in information technologyRs. 1,15,000.protect the information from hacking and cyber attacks
Web developer   Qualification— Graduation in information technology$75000.complete maintenance of website along with its creation
Internet of things architectQualification –Graduation in information technology or computer science, certification in mathematicsRs. 140000maintaining the IOT solution framework
Database administrators  Qualification— Graduation in information technologyRs. 92,000complete navigation of the data with its perfect security
DevOps Engineer  Qualification— Graduation in information technologyRs. 1,20,000.perfect ability in information technology and should work with team spirit.
Mobile application developer  Qualification— Graduation in information technologyRs. 143,000 a backbone for different apps

Now you know which IT jobs are in demand in India, let’s us know what are the benefits of IT jobs.

Benefits of IT Jobs in India

IT has turned its self to be the king of the career because it is such a field that turns you into a successful man that too, from a scratch. It has innumerable benefits and it is one of the most chosen fields in this era. So some of the reasons for which IT has ruled upon the perimeters metres of career are listed below:

The career of high potent

  1. IT is never a constant career. It keeps itself always updated with the modern era and evolves each day with new facts and figures.
  2. Each day it makes new inventions, discoveries new theories and digitally races itself among all other careers. Each field has space for information technology in it.
  3. It provides employment to millions of people with some technical skills. It provides a space for the security and moreover it adds on to make the internet of things as its prime backbone.
  4. It helps to preserve the digital security system along with 24×7 assistance and customer support along with solving troubleshooting and problem-solving.
  5. Recently it is researching on Blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and various other innovative fields.

The most affordable branch

Information technology though has an innumerable parts of it, a degree regarding the skill you possess is very necessary.

  1. When you apply for an IT job, a basic interview is taken regarding your knowledge and to verify your details. It is very important to carry a skill-based certificate with you along with your mark sheets.
  2. In order to have an IT degree, you should possess or go for bachelors of technology or bachelor of engineering as your graduation subject.
  3. Information technology can be afforded by masses. Ranging from poor to very rich people, everyone can select IT as their career because it doesn’t need much money to study information technology.
  4. One can also pursue the online certification courses or go for various internships and get training about information technology and join the job as soon as possible.

IT as the highly paid job

Who doesn’t want to become a billionaire with minimum efforts? In fact everyone dreams of it. Well IT is somewhat such kind of career:

  • IT provides a very decent salary to all of its employees. At the initial stages, the salary may be low but with experience, it increases.
  • As you start contributing to the IT, it would fetch you a promotion along with increment in your salary.
  • As IT is generally located in the sectors of computer science and technology, around 95% of the growth comes from it. So all the netizens and the techies, have the chance to grab a very cool job and earn thousands each month.

Top IT Jobs in India List 2020

Here we have listed the popular IT jobs, describing the highest salary IT jobs in India per month, with there work requirements and qulifications.

Fields Involved
Skills Required
Salary jobs in India per month
Qualifications Needed

Computer and Data scientist

  1. Fields involved: All the computer and information data fields involved mathematics, medicine, business management. Analysing the complex data and turning it into a useful one is also one of the important aspects of this field.
  2. Skills Required: Tracking the unstructured data and moulding it into a piece of organised information is in the hands of the data scientist. Using innovative as well as scientific methods in order to implement strategic development and use the garbage data to transform it into something productive with expertise in computer science and mathematics. Flowcharts and algorithms can be a very strong part of the Data scientist.
  3. Salary: An average salary of $1,60,000 is provided to data scientist.
  4. Qualifications needed: Should be having a Masters in computer science and certification in data science, also be able to create machine learning algorithms, command over python and SAS.
  5. Benefits: To interpret data and turn it into a useful word with business decisions at the perfect place. Helps in making a profit of the company with not much effort. All those who have an interest in data sorting can try out for this job.

Software engineer

  1. Fields involved: Revolving around computer science engineering and Masters, it extends its field to control systems, neural networks and software development. It involves the process of problem-solving and helps to implement the application in coding fields.
  2. Skills required: One should know the mechanism of functioning of the software. And should be able to deal with the requirements of the clients, have a knowledge of operating systems and its design, developing software, databases, and the basic working and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Salary: The average salary of a software developer is Rs. 50,000.
  4. Qualifications needed: A graduate degree in the field of computer science or mathematics or computer science engineering from reputed institution along with a knowledge of coding and other programming languages.
  5. Benefits: Helps in developing software, for making new apps, benefit the company by driving it completely through computer coding and technology.

Information technology manager

  1. Fields required: Should be able to handle the company’s team, coordinate with it and form new methods of achieving targets. Makes the team aware of its faults and flaws long before and should be able to work on various projects. You should be able to take each crucial moment as a matter of challenge and team spirit and soft skills should be completely under his control. It is one of the most essential parts of the cost of business management.
  2. Skills required: One should be able to know about SEO(search engine optimisation) or PLM product lifecycle management. One should also have a basic idea about the management skills and the analytical skills also they should be able to work on information management tools.
  3. Salary: An average salary of $100000 is provided to them.
  4. Qualification: Should have a graduate degree in information technology or have a certification in any of the technical fields with computer science.
  5. Benefits: They are responsible for making innovative goals and targets along with the team. They can also implement strategic analysis for the market overview and help the company provide practical methods which when implemented would make a place on the global market.

Full stack developer

  1. Fields required: A person who is a very good coder along with an expertise knowledge of stack developing with a specialised clarity in Front-end and back-end development is called a full stack developer.
  2. Skills required: One should have a good knowledge about coding and should know about web development along with designing of API.One should be clear of database technologies and work on software is like Angular JS, Express.JS.
  3. Salary: The average salary of a full stack developer is $1,10,000.
  4. Qualifications: Should have knowledge about information technology or a graduation in computer science or information technology.
  5. Benefits: Being one of the highest paid IT jobs, security is the main fact that is taken into consideration. The API software which helps in making stack also makes the full stack developer sure that it is applicable at required clients platform and the code created is unique with data security and active.

Computer Network Architects

  1. Fields required: A person who is responsible to form a digital infrastructure in the networks both globally as well as locally is called computer network architect. Intranet, computing and engineering is all about network architects.
  2. Skills required: Organised development along with strategic management, updating software and hardware in order to preserve the networks formed by him. Have a basic knowledge  about programming languages and Networking different types of softwares.
  3. Salary: The average salary of a Network Architect is it is $87919.
  4. Qualifications: graduation in computer science and information systems, Master of business administration;
  5. Benefits: Daily preserving computer networks and innovate new methods of network functioning along with team working in various projects. Potentially using the knowledge of network and skills regarding its formation and maintaining a strategic analysis every time.

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Information Security Analyst

  1. Fields required: Security is the most important part of an information; it is in the hands of security analyst to protect the information from hacking and cyber attacks. So a good knowledge about cyber crimes along with hacking should be known to him. Also he should be having a good knowledge about how and when can the data be unsafe or can be hacked.
  2. Skills required: Preserve the digital property and data through best security measures; solve troubleshoot problems and be able to identify the caller attack.
  3. Salary: The basic average salary of a information security analyst is $1,15,000.
  4. Qualification: Bachelors degree in information technology, computer system security, various programming languages, designing of operating system, mathematics.
  5. Benefits: Saves the whole property of the company digitally and protect the company from any cyber bullying. Also find solution to troubleshoot problems.

Web Developer

  1. Fields required: Complete maintenance of website along with its creation and innovation lies in the responsibility of a web developer. Working on various coding languages like HTML, Java and user-based graphic interfaces lead a web developer to learn about complete front-end and back-end development of a site.
  2. Skills required: Content creation, coding with HTML Java CSS, create user base graphic interfaces as per the companies requirements and learning with new programming languages that would help to navigate throughout the site. Complete working of a site depends upon web developer.
  3. Qualification: Bachelors in computer science engineering, information technology or a certified degree in web development in both offline and online mode could be considered.
  4. Salary: The average salary of a web developer is RS. 75000 pm.
  5. Benefits: Web development is one of the most popular courses of this error. One can opt for it through a secured mode of learning and even work from home is allowed in web development.

Internet of things architect

  1. Fields required: Have a good prompt knowledge about internet of things;How strong coding capability along with solutions in this field and can design the various software and hardwares with the help of internet of things.
  2. Skills required: Should be strong in many programming languages like C++, Java, HTML, python and keep himself updated with detailed developments in this field; should have good soft skills and try to make a profit in the company with innovative methods in short span of time.
  3. Salary: The average salary of an internet of things architect is Rs. 140000 pm.
  4. Eligibility: one should be a graduate in computer science engineering or in information technology along with a specialisation in internet of things; if anyone doesn’t have a specialisation then he or she can opt for an off-line or an online course with a certification program.
  5. Benefits: Maintaining the IOT solution framework, capability of designing the IOT related hardware along with a complete overall holistic development of the IOT-based software and its backbone is in the hands of an IOT architect. The work that he should do should take a shorter span of time with most appropriate methods and help the company in better profits.

Database Administrators

  1. Fields required: Organisation of the whole database along with knowledge in various coding languages and professionally maintaining and securing the ecosystem of the database.
  2. Skills required: Analysing of data and structuring raw data into a useful one and then after reorganisation sorting it out and collecting it in different parts so that a database can be created; trying to solve and find solutions regarding most of the problems of the data
  3. Salary: The average salary of the database admin is $92,000.
  4. Qualifications: One should have a bachelors degree in computer science engineering, information systems, information technology, and have a complete certification course in data management with informatics.
  5. Benefits: Complete navigation of the data with its perfect security lies in the hands of database administrators. They create develop and maintain the whole data in a very secured manner. Regular check in the data is mandatorily kept and what ever issues regarding the information in the data come up is also updated so that it can be easily understandable and used for daily works.

DevOps Engineer

  1. Field required: An engineer who paves the pathway between programming and engineering and helps in the blending of both so that productive aspect could be brought out is called a DevOps engineer.
  2. Skills required: One should have very good soft skills along with perfect ability in information technology and should work with team spirit.
  3. Salary: The average salary of a DevOps engineer is Rs. 1,20,000 pm.
  4. Qualifications: One should be a passout of information technology graduate, computer science engineering or have a certification in mathematics or computer science.
  5. Benefits: Ability for problem-solving, analyse and put the most appropriate method in order to solve a problem, have a good knowledge in security systems and have a strategic management ability.

Mobile application developer

  1. Fields required: A good knowledge in both iOS and Android Platforms Siri go to be able to design creative and maintain the infrastructure, and graphic-based user interface and has technical abilities.
  2. Skills required: One must be able to make a backbone for different apps, have a good command over the coding languages, Create webpages and is a good web developer and has excellent communication skills along with team spirit.
  3. Average salary of a Mobile application developer is $143,000.
  4. Qualifications: Should have a graduate degree in information technology or computer science engineering, should be able to create applications with the learning of different coding languages.
  5. Benefits: One of the highest paying information technology jobs ranges from application developer to data scientist; creating different applications not only help the masses to reach out to various fields but also some times entertain them and help them in all aspects.

Facts and Figures you should know about Popular IT jobs in India

     Analysis of the job and its priorities are shown in the above figure.


So, we got to see that information technology is a massive field and If looked deeper it is the Emperor of all technical fields. The whole coding and computer science when mingled with information technology give birth to a new revolution.

It is the developers, scientist and the coders who are trying to create a new generation which is completely digital and made through information technology. It offers the whole generation a huge amount of employment along with a salary which is a dream offer for everyone. Information technology lets you make yourself a believe you’re within some years of your career.

What has to be just dedicated and focused in this field in order to shine and reach the sky kissing dreams with these highest paying tech jobs in India. Therefore in order to pursue any career in information technology, then this article is a perfect place and roadmap for all those aspirants.

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