Who Is The Real Chandan Mahto, The Dreaded Gangster Of Khakee: The Bihar Chapter?

Who Is The Real Chandan Mahto: Netflix has recently launched a series named Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. Ever since the series has released on the OTT platform, it has created a lot of curiosity about Chandan Mahto. He is one of the most dangerous gangsters in Bihar. Neeraj Pandey who is a procured decided to show his life and his exploitation in Bihar to the screen.

The series is based on the book named Bihar Diaries written by IPS Officer Amit Lodha. The series tells the story of how Amit Lodha who is an IPS Officer catches one of the most dangerous criminals of the early 2000s of Bihar i.e., Chandan Mahto. Avinash Tiwary played the role of the gangster in the series. Scroll through the article to know Who Is The Real Chandan Mahto.

Who Is The Real Chandan Mahto?

Who Is The Real Chandan Mahto

Chandan Mahto in Khakee series is based on a real-life gangster named Pintu. Pintu Mahto was the part of Ashok Mahto gang. His gang was very active in the early 2000s and it is considered that his gang is the one who killed the Congress party MP name Rajo Singh in 2005. Pintu Mahto was considered one of the members or gangsters of Ashok Mahto’s gang. Pintu was involved in many murder cases in Bihar including Rajo Singh. Pintu Mahto has been wanted in around 39 murder and abduction cases. The cases also include the Nawada jailbreak on 23rd December 2001. Pintu’s gang and Akhilesh Singh’s Gang were rivals between 1998 to 2006. Their rivalry affected around 100 villages in Nawada, Nalanda and Sheikhpura districts situated in Bihar. The main reason behind the rivalry was inter cast rivalry between Bhumihars and Kurmis.

He associated with and managed to escape after murdering two policemen on duty. He has been wanted in various kidnapping cases as well including the murder case of two policemen in 2001. IPS Officer, Amit Lodha caught the criminal, Pintu in 2006 near the Satsang Colony, Deoghar situated in Jharkhand, he was staying with his family in Jharkhand. He was also handed a life term by the court officials. Right now, Pintu Mahto is serving his sentence in Tihar Jail situated in New Delhi. However, one of his partners is now out on bail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Amit Lodha use the Chandan Mahto instead of the real name?

Amit did not want to use Pintu Mahto’s name in the books because of security reasons. Amit and his family have been the target of the gang earlier also.

What was the role of Pintu aka Chandan Mahto in Ashok Mahto’s gang?

Pintu aka Chandan Mahto worked as a sharpshooter in Ashok Mahto’s gang. He has killed many people for his gang.

Who Is The Real Chandan Mahto?

The reals Chandan Mahto is Pintu Mahto who is considered one of the dreaded gangsters of the notorious gang named Ashok Mahto’s Gang. He is involved in various murder and kidnapping cases.

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