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Who is Archana Nag: Most of you must have heard the name Archana Nag recently. She has managed to appear on every news channel with her controversies. She is an Indian businesswoman. Archana Nag was arrested by the Odisha Police on 6th October 2022. She has been charged for allegedly demanding money from rich and influential personalities. For example, Politicians, film producers, etc.

Archana used to blackmail them with their intimate moment’s photos. Her full name is Archana Nag Chand. She was born on 27th February in Kenduguda, Kalahandi situated in Odisha, India. She has completed her schooling at Capital High School Unit-3 situated in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. If you want to know Who is Archana Nag? then do read the following article till the end.

Archana Nag

Who is Archana Nag?

Archana Nag Chand applied for her bachelor’s degree in integrated law from Utkal University situated in Bhubaneshwar. However, it is not confirmed whether the politician has completed her graduation or not. Her father’s name is Surendra Nath Nag. He served for Niyagiri Land Loser’s Association situated in Lanjugarh, Bhubaneshwar. He was the president of NLLA. She came to Bhubaneshwar in 2015 and within such a short span of time became the owner of Rs. 30 Crore wealth.

Her wealth includes a palatial house filled with imported interior decorations, luxury cars, high-breed dogs, a white horse, etc. Archana is now in the custody of ED and will be interrogated for seven days. The politician has made a big statement with the media. She has stated that if she will start telling the truth, the entire state’s condition will change. She also claimed to have valid evidence. Scroll down the page to know her husband, news, and other details about Archana Nag.

Archana Nag Bio: Quick Overview

Name Archana Nag Chand
HusbandJagabandhu Chand
Date of Birth27th February
Children1 Son
Height5’3″ Approximately
Zodiac SignPisces

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Archana Nag News

Archana Nag was born into a poor family. Her story seems to come out just like a Bollywood movie. She was born in a town named Kesinga situated in Odisha. She moved to Bhubaneshwar in 2015. Within 4 years of moving, she acquired a wealth of Rs. 30 Crore. The wealth includes various precious gifts. At first, she worked for a private firm in Bhubaneshwar. Later on, she joined the beauty parlor. She also met Jagabandhu Chand who lived in the Balasore district. Later on, they got married. It was alleged that Archana used to run a sex racket while she was working in the beauty parlor.

Her husband used to operate a used car showroom and was in contact with several rich and influential personalities like filmmakers, builders, politicians, etc. Archana and her husband have clicked pictures with them which have gone viral on social media platforms. The pictures have created hype all over the state. Archana used to befriend those rich and influential people and claimed to provide female company to those people. After that, she used to click photos of their intimate scene secretly and then used to blackmail them for a huge amount of money.

However, she did not succeed in one trap. She planned to honeytrap a filmmaker with her same plan but her plan backfired. A film procedure files a complaint against her and alleged that she blackmails her and demanded Rs. 3 Crores for the return of his intimate photographs with other girls. The Odisha Police arrested her on 6th October 2022. The action has been taken by the police after a girl filed a complaint against Archana and accuses of using her in the sex racket.

Till now, two cases have been registered against the politician in this connection. It is estimated that more girls will come forward soon. According to the reports, approximately 50 influential people of Odisha were the target of Archana. The president of the BJP Bhubaneshward Unit i.e., Baby Singh has stated that around 25 political leaders were in Archana’s network. Out of these, 18 people were MLAs and ministers and most of them belonged to BJD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What decision did the court make on Monday regarding Archana’s case?

The court has granted permission to the ED i.e., the Enforcement Directorate to take Archana Nag Chand in custody for interrogation for seven days.

What was the comment of Sridhar Martha on the Honeytrap case of Archana?

Sridhar Martha who is an Odia filmmaker said that the life story of the politician is very interesting and he is planning to make a film about her life.

What is the reaction of Archana Nag to this accusation?

Archana Nag accuses the commissioner of police saying that they are framing her in a false case. She demanded that CBI should take the case and reveal the truth to the viewers.

When did the Odisha police arrest, Jagabandhu Chand?

The Odisha police arrested Archana’s husband named Jagbandhu Chand on 22 October 2022. The arrest has been made in the connection of blackmailing and money laundering case.

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