Vineeta Singh Biography, Net worth, Early Life, Career, Family

Vineeta Singh Biography: Vineeta Singh has revolutionized the Indian Cosmetic Industry by equating Makeup to not only beauty but also empowerment, confidence, and self-worth by customizing them for Indian Skin Tones. She is making a lot of entrepreneurship conversations these days since she started to judge the show, Shark Tank. This show reinvents opportunities for budding startups by proving them a platform to connect to potential investors. Vineeta is one of those. Her strength lies in her perceptions and she is an independent and successful woman who can be an inspiration to many. To read more about Vineeta Singh, check the subsequent story about her life, professional and personal, and much more.

Vineeta Singh Biography
Vineeta Singh Biography

Vineeta Singh Biography: Overview

NameVineeta Singh
BirthplaceDelhi, India
Education Schooling at DPS, Delhi
BTech (Electricals) at IIT, Madras
MBA at IIM, Ahemdabad
Company FoundedSUGAR Cosmetics
Spouse(s)Kaushik Mukherjee

Life of SUGAR Cosmetics CEO Vineeta Singh

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a story that is powerful enough to reinvent the standards of the meaning of life. Their approach to life and its aspect reflect why they are different and deserving enough to turn into a thriving business person. The persona and perceptions highly influence the present state of a person. They are extraordinary. The reactions of a person to every situation are impactful enough to change the course of their life. Vineeta Singh too has so far lived a life that is exceptional and full of meaningful struggles. There were risks but there was patience and confidence. Most importantly, there was a will to build something.

Vineeta Singh Life and Education

Born in 1984 to a Hindu family, Vineeta Singh was brought up in Delhi. Her father was a professor at IIT Madras while her mother was a PhD. Insider. Her schooling and most of her educational experiences trace her back to Delhi. She was only 17 when she first carefully observed her goal of being a businesswoman while having a conversation with one of his teachers. Her schooling was completed in Delhi itself after she graduated from the Delhi Public School or DPS in RK Puram, Delhi.

Vineeta Singh at IIM Ahemdabad
Vineeta Singh at IIM Ahemdabad

Her interest started to attract her to science. As a result, she pursued Engineering in Electricals from one of the prestigious institutes, the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. After graduating in 2005, she decided to take up education in the field of Business as she acquired an interest in entrepreneurship at a tender age. She got admitted into the Indian Institute of Management or IIM, Ahemdabad. She finally gained her professional postgraduate degree in 2007.

Professional Struggles of Vineeta Singh

Vineeta has a hold on two highly valuable degrees in Electrical Engineering and Master’s in Business Administration. While her educational journey has been in one of the most competitive fields, she pursued both from the best institutions in India. Her excellence in education was enough to guarantee her placement in the best firms in the country and even abroad. However, to everyone’s surprise, she declined the job offers. Her decision was even doubted by her own parents who were astonished to see that she chose to struggle even after acquiring possibly the best tutelage adequacy.

What struck her mind was her understanding of the fact, “You can be an entrepreneur only by actually being one”. At the inexperienced age of 23, she moved out to Mumbai to start her journey, which now we can acknowledge as her success story. She lived in a very congested apartment which she described as a “Matchbox” which used to flood during heavy rainfalls. Her stumbling career pushed her savings to the verge of a serious decline. She commenced regretting her turning down the job offer in the time period of 5 years of hard professional labour when her venture failed.

While she did that, she found her way out of the demotivation. She started running and every finish line she crossed filled her with the utmost zest and zeal. She still believes in the stimulus she gets from running which caused her to finish the Ironman Triathlon, which is a big milestone.

Vineeta Singh CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics

When Singh found her way to her motivation, which was running, her head cleared. She knew that to reach every culmination of a goal there is a path to cover and run. After a year of mind-causing restrainments in her professional career, she started with a beauty subscription firm known as Fab Bag. While she worked there and researched the beauty and makeup field, she realized the importance of quality cosmetics that Indian Women need in life. There, she founded SUGAR Cosmetics in 2012. The brand was co-founded by her husband, Kaushik Mukherjee.

SUGAR Cosmetics

They personalized their products for Indian consumers and created a brand of make-up that was suitable for Indian conditions. Their marketing strategy proved a massive triumph when they started creating a buzz through social media platforms. She founded the company with her own personal investment and additional external support. Sugar Cosmetics has become a successful brand with 1500 persons on the staff which incorporates 75% women. Their revenue touched Rs. 104 crores in the Financial Year 2019-20.

Vineeta Singh’s Networth and Acheivements

The net worth of Vineeta Singh is Approximately 8 Million Dollars (60 cr rupees). This is huge and exceptional enough to get her included in the list of highly esteemed businesswomen in India. She is well-acknowledged and popular and her talent has proven her in the entrepreneurship arena. She is an acknowledged investor and judge in the popular show Shark Tank India. Additionally, her expertise was sufficient to get called in as an expert in the very popular educational game show in India, Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC. She has also been included in the following lists:

Namita Singh for Forbes 2021
Namita Singh for Forbes 2021
  • Top 100 mindful Women in World.
  • Economic Times’ 40 Under Forty Award in 2020
  • One of the most powerful women in India according to Forbes India Magazine 2021

Vineeta Singh Personal Life and Family

Vineeta Singh and her husband Kaushik Mukherjee
Vineeta Singh and her husband Kaushik Mukherjee

Vineeta Singh is happily married to Kaushik Mukherjee and a proud mother to 2 young kids. Her juggling of maintaining professional standards and also being a mother to young children is highly inspiring. She feels that all the hard work and management are totally worth it when she is able to be a good mother. Apart from a keen interest in running, she also is much into swimming, cycling, and other playful activities. Her travelling stories also reflect how much she loves to enjoy her trips.

You can connect with Vineeta Singh at social media platforms whose links are given below: –

Vineeta Singh on LinkedIn: Click Here

Vineeta Singh on Instagram: Click Here

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