R. Kelly Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family, Siblings, Spouse

R. Kelly Biography: R. Kelly’s full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. He was born on 8th January 1967. R. Kelly is an American Singer (Former), songwriter and record producer. He is also considered a sex offender. During his music career, R. Kelly has sold around 75 Million records globally.

The records make him the most commercially successful Ra&B artist (Male) in the 1990s. The singer has also won three Grammy Awards for his song names I Believe I Can Fly. The singer is also known as Pied Piper and Kellz. The singer has 3 children. If you want to know more about R Kelly then do read the following page till the end.

R. Kelly Biography

R. Kelly
R. Kelly Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family, Siblings, Spouse 3

In the early 1990s, some journalists and victims accuse the singer of luring them into an inappropriate sexual relationship. He was also charged with child pornography in 2002 but the charges were not proved in the 2008 trial. Kelly got arrested in July 2019 for federal charges. He has been in prison ever since. Brooklyn Federal Court convicted the singer for the violation of racketeering and the Mann Act in the 2021 trial.

Chicago Federal Court has accused R. Kelly of pornography charges against three children. The court has sentenced Kelly to imprisonment for 30 years. His sentencing has been slated for February 2023, He is an inmate at Metropolitan Correctional Center currently. In the following article, we have mentioned some crucial information concerning R. Kelly. Such as Net Worth, Biography, etc.

R. Kelly Biography: Highlights

Name Robert Sylvester Kelly
Age55 Years Old (8th January 1967)
SpouseAaliyah (Divorced: 1995)​
Andrea Lee (Divorced: 2009)
Children3 Children
Siblings5 Siblings
Net Worth-2 Million
Other NamesPied Piper and Kellz

R Kelly Early life

Robert Kelly was born on the South Side of Chicago at the University of Chicago Medical Centre. His mother’s name is Joanne. She was a schoolteacher. His father was absent from Kelly’s life. He and his family lived in Ida B. Wells Homes public housing project. When R. Kelly was 5 years old, she married Lucious who worked for an airline. Kelly started singing when he was just 8 years old in the church choir. Kelly’s family members would treat him differently in the absence of his mother and grandparents. The singer was also sexually abused by a female family member when he was 14 years old. Kelly never mentioned this incident to anyone as he was too afraid and ashamed.

Kelly was also abused by a family friend of the family at the age of 10. At the age of 11, he got shot in the shoulder when boys tried to steal his bike. Later on, his family friend claims that the singer shot himself while committing suicide. Kelly met Lena MdLin who was his music teacher in September 1980. He performed in the high school talent show with sunglasses and won first prize. She encouraged the singer to concentrate on music instead of basketball. Kelly dropped out of high school due to dyslexia one year after attending Kenwood Academy. The singer used to play basketball with Ben Wilson and also sang a song named It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday at his funeral.

R Kelly Personal Life

R Kelly’s mother died in 1993 from cancer. He married Aaliyah Dana Haughton in 1994 but decided to part ways in 1995 only. In 1996, the singer married Andrea Kelly who was the backstage dancer of the singer. They have three children together. His oldest daughter’s name is JoAnn. She was born in 1998. He named his first daughter after his mother.

However, she is also known as Buku Abi. His other children name is Jaah who was born in 2000 and Robert Jr. was born in 2002. In September 2005, his wife filed a restraining order against him and accuses him of a physical altercation. They filed for divorce in 2006. After thirteen years of marriage, their divorce got finalized in January 2009.

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Kellz’s Early sexual abuse accusations

The police investigated the reports claiming that Kelly was having sex with a minor. However, the case was dropped due to the lack of evidence. According to the allegation, she was 15 years old in 1991 and the singer has sexual relations with her. He encouraged her to group sex with other minor girls. The singer finally settled the lawsuit by providing $250,000.

A witness stated that R. Kelly was in a sexual relationship with Aaliyah when she was just 12 years old. The singer also produced the first album with Aaliyah named Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number in 1994. Kelly illegally married Aaliyah on 31st August 1994 when she was 15 years old. The marriage took place in Rosemont, Illinois. The marriage was annulled by the officials in 1995. Aaliyah filed a lawsuit to have the expunged marriage records. She stated that she was a minor at the time of marriage and lied by signing the certificate of marriage as an 18-year-old girl. Later on, Hawkins accepted the settlement for $250,000 from R. Kelly. In 2021, Kelly admitted to having sexual contact with Alliyah.

A video of Kelly sexually abusing an underage girl started circulation on 3rd February 2002. The video contains kelly urinating on the girl. Kelly clarified in the interview that he was not the name featured in the video. In 2022, kelly was also accused of child pornography. He also got arrested for this. During the search, the police officers found 12 images of the alleged minor girl in the camera who was wrapped in a towel in a duffle bag. The charges were dropped in March 2004 due to a lack of evidence.

Robert Sylvester Second Series of Accusations

R Kelly appeared on Huffington Post Live with journalist name caroline Modarressy-Tehrani in December 2015. He was promoting his 13th album through the interview. The reporter asked the singer about the sexual abuse accusation made against him. The action resulted in Kelly getting defensive and angry. He shouted at the reported and left the interview in the middle. In September 2021, the report tweeted saying that the survivors will get some peace.

On 17th July 2017, R Kelly was accused by three parents of holding their daughter inappropriately. On 17th April 2018, Kelly was accused by his former partner of infecting her with STB intentionally.

There was a movement called to boycott Kelly’s performances and music in May 2018 over so many allegations against the singer. His management said that the singer supports the movement only in principle. Spotify also announced that they have decided to stop promoting Kelly’s music on 10th May 2018. Apple Music and Pandora also joined Spotify. However, Spotify reversed its decision due to backlash. In October 2021, The youtube channel of the singer was terminated. However, the catalogue the singer is still available on Youtube Music.

In July 2018, he released the song “I Admit”. However, it does not contain any accusations made by people. The song got criticized by reviewers who said that it was an act of trolling.

Lifetime aired documentary series named Surviving R. Kelly in January 2019 detailing misconduct allegations against the singer. After a while, he launched a Facebook page where is disgraced the accusers. The officials removed the page. After the release of the second season of the documentary, R. Kelly became the most googled male musician in 2019.

On 11th July 2019, the singer was arrested by police officers on various charges against him. He was indicted on 18 charges including child pornography, sex trafficking, kidnapping, forced labour, etc. On 2nd August 2019, he pleaded not guilty but the judge denied the bail requested by his lawyers. In October 2019, the lawyers demanded a pre-trial but got denied. In 2020, they demanded a pre-trial again but the request was denied due to the pandemic. His charges were increased to 22 in 2020. On 11th July 2019, the singer was transferred to Metropolitan Detention Center situated in Brooklyn.

Kelly was charged with impetrating a minor and prostitution on 5th August 2019. According to the report, he invited a girl to his hotel room after the concert and asked her to remove her clothes and dance for $200.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does R. Kelly have any siblings?

Yes, R. Kelly has 5 siblings. Out of this, 3 of them are half-sisters and brothers.

Who made the Allegations of child molestation against R. Kelly?

R. Kelly’s ex-wife named Andrea claims that the singer was accused of molesting a minor girl in 2009. She made the allegation in a divorce court.

What are the convictions against R. Kelly?

The convictions against the singer are Racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child, bribery, sex trafficking, violation of the Mann Act (2021), enticing a child and producing child pornography (2022)

How many studio albums released by the singer?

The singers have released various studio albums. Such as TP.3 Reloaded (2005), Double Up (2007), Untitled (2009), Love Letter (2010), 12 Nights of Christmas (2016), etc.

What is the net worth of R. Kelly?

The net worth of R. Kelly is estimated to be around -2 Million.

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