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Pravin Tambe Biography: The current generation of the Movie Industry is entirely dependent upon real stories about people and inspiring or unrealistic but true incidents. One such film that was released this weekend on the OTT platform of Disney+Hotstar grabbed the attention of a large section of the audience, specifically Cricket Fans. The film “Kaun Pravin Tambe” has managed to engage many viewers as it is based on the inspiring story of the Oldest Indian Premier League debutant, Pravin Tambe. The film has put the unheard tale of the player’s life into the limelight. Learn everything about Tambe, his Career, and his Personal Life in the subsequent article.

Pravin Tambe Biography
Pravin Tambe Biography

Pravin Tambe Biography

Pravin Tambe gained his first major public acknowledgment when he was picked in the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League. He was recognized as the oldest debutant in IPL. Tambe is known for his unpredictable spin bowling that muddled the batsmen. He is not only an efficient spin bowler but also an inspiring man who did not give up on his dream and passion for playing Cricket. He belonged to a middle-class family which was not highly sustainable in terms of financial stability and this resulted in an obstacle in the pursuit of his dream to play the game professionally. Starting as a fast bowler, he soon followed up on the advice from his Orient Shipping captain, Ajay Kadam that Pravin must try bowling Leg Spin. Although he never played Professional Cricket before IPL, his consistent performance for Rajasthan Royals showcases the immense talent and proficiency he holds in the game.

Pravin Tambe for Rajasthan Royals
Pravin Tambe for Rajasthan Royals

In a Nutshell about Pravin Tambe

Name of the PlayerPravin Vijay Tambe
Date of Birth8 October 1971
Home TownMumbai, Maharashtra
RoleLeg Spin Bowler
Indian Premier League Debut2008
Ranji Trophy Debut2013
Vijay Hazare Trophy Debut2016
Caribbean Premier League Debut2020
(Son and Daughter)
Name of the BiopicKaun Pravin Tambe
Enacted ByShreyas Talpade
Biopic Release Date1 April 2022
Retirement Year2020

Early Life of Pravin Tambe

Pravin Tambe was born in Mumbai to Hindu Parents, Vijay and Jyoti Tambe on 8 October 1971. He always has a passion for the game of Cricket and in his younger days, his fascination led him to try his hands at Fast Bowing. It was then that his Orient Shipping captain, Ajay Kadam observed the spin flair in his bowling and urged him to give Leg-Spin Bowling an attempt. His game improved since then. He was under constant pressure from his family pertaining to find a financially sound job so as to gain stability in life rather than following his irrational passion for the game which might lead him to nowhere. He did accept this notion of his parents and started with a day job and struggled his time by also pursuing his dream simultaneously.

Parents and Brother of Pravin Tambe
Parents and Brother of Pravin Tambe

Tambe married Vaishali in an arranged conjugal setup and was also opposed by her boosted by her dislike for the game. But, in spite of all the demotivation from the family, he continued in to practice and try entering the professional world of cricket digging all the emotional and age-related barriers.

Pravin Tambe Cricketing Career

Praveen Tambe continuously toiled as a club cricketer in Mumbai for a significant part of his life since 1995. However, he never really gave up. He began his cricketing experience with Parsee Cyclists in the D division and later switched to the B division. He joined Shivaji Park Gymkhana in order to play in the top league. He was also named in the probable squads of Mumbai for the Ranji Trophy for the years 2000 and 2002, although he couldn’t really make it to the final squad. It was six years later that a golden and life-changing opportunity knocked on his door. He was contracted by Rajasthan Royals in the 2008 IPL auction even though he never played First Class Cricket or even any professional cricket prior to that. He was 41 years old then and this made him the oldest debutant in the league.

He was a crucial wicket-taker for the team and was later picked up by Mumbai Indians in 2013. He also played with Gujarat Lions for their debut season and was later picked up again by Mumbai. Tambe ended his journey in IPL with Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2017.

Tambe, after a taking wicket for Gujarat Lions in 2016
Tambe, after taking a wicket for Gujarat Lions in 2016

In 2018, he decided to almost retire from Indian Cricket following the BCCI’s postulates in order to actively play in the foreign leagues. He withdrew his retirement so as to return to the IPL. He was bought by Kolkata Knight Riders in 2020 for 20 lakhs but the Board of Control of Cricket in India disqualified him as a consequence of his participation in an Abu Dhabi T10 League without proper permission from the Board. He then joined the Trinbago Knight Riders in Caribbean Premier League in 2020 and became the first Indian player to receive a contract in CPL.

Achievements of Tambe in Cricket

Pravin Tambe has the following significant accomplishments in the game of Cricket:

Tambe playing CPL 2020 for Trinbago Knight Riders
Tambe playing CPL 2020 for Trinbago Knight Riders
  • He is the oldest debutant in the Indian Premier League at an age of 41 years.
  • Tambe is the first Indian player to receive a contract and further debut in Caribbean Premier League.
  • He is the Golden Wicket Taker in CPL.
  • Pravin Tambe took a hattrick for Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2017.
  • For Rajasthan Royals in 2013, he became the most economical bowler.
  • In the year 2014, he was the leading wicket-taker for Rajasthan Royals with 15 wickets.
  • His best IPL bowling figure is 2/19 in 4 overs.
  • His best First Class bowling figures are 2/127.
  • For T20 cricket, his best bowling figure is 4/15.
  • He is the first player to take a 5 wicket haul in the T10 format of the game.
  • He is also the second player in to take a hat trick in the T10 format of Cricket.

Personal Life of Pravin Tambe

Pravin Tambe with his wife, Vaishali and kids
Pravin Tambe with his wife, Vaishali, and kids

On the constant urge of his parents to get married, Pravin Tambe agreed to formally visit the house of a girl for an arranged marriage. It was then that he met his present wife Vaishali Tambe. He got married to her and is now a proud father of two kids, a son and a daughter. He is living his life very happily in his hometown Mumbai as he is well connected professionally to his passion cricket.

Kaun Pravin Tambe?

The biopic of Pravin Tambe, titled “Kaun Pravin Tambe” got an OTT release on Disney+Hoststar on 1 April 2022. It is a movie based on his life and stars Shreyas Talpade who recently delivered an amazing performance of a deaf-mute 18-year-old cricketer in Iqbal. The film on Pravin Tambe Biography received mixed reviews but as per considerable reports, it is brilliant in storytelling and acting departments and has surely attracted the attention of many Indians to the impossible yet true story of Pravin Tambe.

Pravin Tambe alongside Shreyas Talpade prepping for "Kaun Pravin Tambe?"
Pravin Tambe alongside Shreyas Talpade prepping for “Kaun Pravin Tambe?”

The team of Kolkata Knight Riders held a special screening in order to pay their sincere respects to the hardworking cricketer. During the screening, Tambe got emotional and had tears in his eyes. This inspirational story left many Cricket enthusiasts absolutely stunned. Known as The Wall, Rahul Dravid introduces the film as he recognised the talent in Tambe and influenced his selection in Rajasthan in IPL 2008.

Pravin Tambe is present on Instagram with the username @pravintambeg where he shared his personal moments with his fans. On Twitter, he is pretty much active and shares many details and operates his handle with the username @legytambe.

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