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Manasi Kirloskar: The sudden demise of the Industrialist, Vikram Kirloskar left the entrepreneurial world in absolute shock. Ever since his

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Manasi Kirloskar: The sudden demise of the Industrialist, Vikram Kirloskar left the entrepreneurial world in absolute shock. Ever since his demise, the news of his only heir and daughter, Manasi Kirloskar taking up his part of responsibilities in the firm started doing rounds. The talented daughter of the late businessman is not an inexperienced option. She has handled several projects and taken up big opportunities to prove her adeptness. Not only is she known to be the daughter of the Kirloskar family but also she is the wife of Ratan Tata’s nephew and Noel Tata’s son, Neville Tata.

Read everything about Manasi Kirloskar, and check her age, education, family details, career growth, and net worth in her biography articulated subsequently.

Manasi Kirloskar
Manasi Kirloskar Biography, Age, Net Worth, Father, and More

Manasi Kirloskar Biography

The Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motors and Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts, Chairman and Managing Director of Kirloskar Systems, Director of Kirloskar Brother, Kirloskar Pneumatic, and Kirloskar Oil Engines, and the Member of the Education Council for India of MIT and National Council of Confederation of Indian Industry, Vikram Kirloskar succumbed to Cardiac Arrest on 29 November 2022 and ended up breathing his last in his hometown, Bangalore on the same day. He held a very important standing in society and contributed intensely to the world of business.

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His last project and concentration were to lead Toyota to create a sustainable transportation system for the country. His unexpected death has left a void that has to be filled with someone possessing equal persistence to bring his envisage to reality.

Manasi Kirloskar Tata
Manasi Kirloskar Tata

Vikram’s daughter and the only heir, Manasi reportedly shall step up and take up all the responsibilities that have outlived her father. She is the daughter-in-law of another successful Indian Businessman, Noel Tata and she is very appropriate for handling her family business. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Kirloskar Systems. She shall be soon taking up responsibilities at Toyota Kirloskar Motors and Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts and stepping into her father’s shoes to keep his plans for the development of the company in India and sustain its growth. It is likely that she shall be taking up all the responsibilities. However, an official announcement regarding the same is still awaited.

Early Life and Education of Manasi Tata

Manasi Tata was born Manasi Kirloskar to the Indian Businessman, Vikram S Kirloskar and Geetanjali Kirloskar. Her present age is 32 years and she was raised in the city of Bangalore which happens to be the region of residence of her parents. She is the fifth generation of one of the leading business families in India, Kirloskar. Her grandfather, Laxmanrao Kirloskar established the firm that produced pumps and valves in India, the name of Kirloskar Group. Since then, all the generations have only focused to grow the ancestral business and have largely succeeded in doing so. Manasi too displays the same qualities. Additionally, her early life and education were dominated by her interest in painting and she hosted her first solo art exhibition when she was only 13 when she did so. Her art venture was attended by MF Hussain and she had always displayed great expertise in this craft.

Manasi completed her schooling at Mallya Aditi International School located in Bangalore. Her acute interest in arts inspired her to pursue graduation in the field of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has taken up educative endeavours in the theme of design and arts but she has the expertise for entrepreneurship running in her vessels.

Manasi and Kirloskar Systems and Kirloskar Technologies

She presently heads Kirloskar Systems and Kirloskar Technologies as the Executive Director. She was the only heir of Vikram S Kirloskar. It was immediately after her graduation that her father roped her in to take up the responsibilities of the family business. She had always prepared for handling such roles and her very first project was handling the group’s tertiary hospital project called Sakra. Being from an art background, she displayed a great deal of creativity in this very initial opportunity. She managed to impress everyone related to this project by adding subtle yet fun colours to the walls of the hospital and paid a great deal of attention towards the interior design of the hospital.

Manasi at a conference
Manasi at a conference

She happens to be a woman of vision who has taken forward the name of her father with great pride adding value to his achievements. She is recognised as one of the most potential entrepreneurs and the projects handled by her are always backed by not only diligence but also creativity. In 2018, she was crowned to be the first United Nations in India Young Business Champion for the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. She has overlooked corporate responsibilities and paid attention to social topics such as climate change, the importance of early education and women’s empowerment.

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In 2019, Cambridge Massachusetts invited her to deliver a power talk on the subject of Education to Free India. She has also been featured on the cover page of famous magazines such as Femina and Citadel. She has grown over the years to be a very prominent figure in society, especially in the world of Business.

Femina Cover Page
Femina Cover Page

Manasi was born privileged in a family where opportunities came to her easy than other women in the field. She has always acknowledged and been grateful for the way life has been comparatively uncomplicated for her. However, she has hardly used her privileges in order to gain success. She has followed the path of hard work and maintained proper professionalism.

She has always recognised her ease of being a working woman and has addressed this on multiple occasions how the women in her family have actively participated in business matters and how the hurdles for her striving to make her name in the world of entrepreneurship have considerably diminished.

Art and Painting interests of Manasi Kirloskar

Manasi has always been an artist. At the tender age of 13, she hosted her solo art exhibition which was attended by the best in the field, MF Hussain. She even took up the subjects and gained a proper education in the area of interest to get a better perspective of the subjects. She has displayed her creativity in terms of painting, arts, and colours while handling the Sakra Hospital project. Additionally, it is noteworthy that she is also a trained kathak dancer and has taken up to the stage to display her expertise in the field and performed on several occasions. Manasi has a keen interest in art which is well displayed by her Twitter handle bio which reads, “A Painter can read balance sheets. Painting is my passion, business is my responsibility, and life is my adventure.”

Philanthropic Activities of Manasi Kirloskar

First United Nations in India Young Business Champion for the SDGs
First United Nations in India Young Business Champion for the SDGs

Manasi has been involved in philanthropy since the age of 14. She was only a teenager when she started training underprivileged kids in the field of arts and craft at an NGO, Christel House Foundation. The organisation supported orphaned girls facing the wrath of society. She has always abstracted from her parents and early lessons in life to give back to society as much as possible. Her involvement with the United Nations only displayed her philanthropic side to the world where she can be seen only striving to do better for humankind and try her best to support the unfortunate and reduce the obstacles in life for them. She has also founded an NGO called Care for Colour in order to bring her noble thought to reality.

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Father of Manasi, Vikram S Kirloskar

The father of Manasi Kirloskar, Vikram Kirloskar was a very prominent businessperson in India. He was the one who played a very major role in bringing Toyota Motors to India. He was further concentrating to bring such vehicles to India which emit low fuels and replacing diesel and petrol to further conserve them. One such model of Toyota was sported by the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India. He was also a prominent philanthropist and handled other wings of the Kirloskar Groups and their companies. He was married to Geetanjali Kirloskar.

Manasi and Vikram S Kirloskar
Manasi and Vikram S Kirloskar

On 29 November 2022, he passed away at an age of 64 falling ill to cardiac arrest. It was then that the world saw Manasi as the probable and potential successor for the family business handled by Vikram. Manasi was already involved in some very important projects of the companies and it is now viewed that she shall be taking up all the roles that her father handled prior to his death.

Net Worth of Manasi Tata

It is unknown what assets and properties are possessed by Manasi. Thus, it becomes comparatively tougher to calculate her net worth. She happens to handle all the responsibilities and assets of her father. Vikram S Kirloskar has a net worth of Rs. 10.1 Crores. It can be expected that Manasi might be having a similar net worth calculation, herself.

Manasi and Neville Tata

Manasi and Neville Tata
Manasi and Neville Tata

Manasi Kirloskar married the son of Noel Tata and nephew of Ratan Tata in a low-buzzing and very private affair in 2019. Neville handles Trent Limited which happens to be a retail group of Tata. The couple has always kept their married life very private and the two have been very personal regarding their life. Additionally, it is unknown what setting of marriage between the two developed this family bond between the two business families but the Kirloskars and Tatas have shared a very cordial dynamic. Manasi and Neville are parents to two kids, one daughter and a son.

Manasi Fashion and Social Media

Manasi is highly fashionable and her understanding of colour and the latest trends in terms of fashion is often spotted in her impressive style of clothing. From pantsuits to very trendy formal clothing, she has added decent and different colours to them all. She is one of the simplest people who has been spotted in non-glamourous yet distinctive looks all the time. She is hardly active on Instagram and her mother Geetanjali often provided insights into her life before the passing away of Vikram S Kirloskar. She has been quite inactive ever since the passing of her husband. Manasi was quite active on Twitter through her handle will 2019. She is available on the social media platform as ManasiKirloskar.

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