Joe Biden Bio: Net Worth, Family Members, Age, Career, Party

Joe Biden Bio: The 46th President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. or Joe Biden is one of the most prominent world leaders. It is the massive superpower and economic stability of America that Biden has gained acknowledgement in any country and the public. He is not only the oldest person to have assumed the Presidential Office in the US but also the second man to serve as both Vice President and President in America. He has a very long political career of decades and so does his experience. He was the running mate for Barack Obama and has closely worked with him in his administration for two consecutive terms.

In the United States of America, Biden is one of the most well-organised politicians who stabilised the offices post the concede of the former one, Donald Trump. There is a lot to Joe Biden’s Political Career, Personal Life, Party Association, Net Worth, Family, and more that you can read in the ensuing Joe Biden Bio.

Joe Biden Bio
Biography of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr

Joe Biden Bio

Known for his decent foreign policies and better economic schemes, Joe Biden is presently serving the office of the President of the United States. He is a very old politician, not only in terms of Age but also experience, who is massively acknowledged on the world platform. Biden has been in politics as Senator, Vice President, and now is positioned as the President. Kamala Harris serves as the Vice President in his governance, Biden-Harris Administration. He is associated with the Democratic and has had a stable political career but a tortuous emotional life from the side of his family.

He also has gone through Brain surgeries and relative complications due to which he once took a seven-month-long governance break as a Senator. Joe Biden Bio is a reflection of both, a successful political career and an inspiring lifetime. He is loved by some, criticised by a few, and accepted by many and this is how his Presidential Journey has explored itself since 2020.

Joe Biden Biography: Highlights

Name Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. or Joe Biden
Position46th President of the United States
Date of Birth20 November 1942
Place of BirthSt. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
ParentsMother: Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Biden (née Finnegan)
Father: Joseph Robinette Biden Sr
Schools/ Colleges/ Universities AttendedSt. Paul’s, Scranton (Primary School)
Holy Rosary, Claymont (Primary School)
St. Helena’s Elementary, Wilmington (Primary School)
Archmere Academy in Claymont (High School)
The University of Delaware, Newark (Graduation)
Syracuse University College of Law, New York (Law)
Political PartyDemocratic (1969 – Present)
SpouseNeilia Hunter (1966 – 1972; Died)​
Jill Jacobs ​(1977 – Present; Also, the current First lady of the United States)
ChildrenJoseph Robinette “Beau” III Biden
Robert Hunter Biden
Naomi Christina “Amy” Biden
Ashley Biden
Offices HeldMember of the New Castle County Council
from the 4th district (1971 – 1973)
United States Senator, Delaware (1973 – 2009)
47th Vice President of the United States (2009 – 2017)
46th President of the United States (assumed in 2020, incumbent)

Early Life of Biden

Joe Biden in his Early Days
Joe Biden in his Early Days

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born on 20 November 1942, to Catholic Parents, Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Biden (née Finnegan) and Joseph Robinette Biden Sr, in St. Mary’s Hospital in Scranton of Pennsylvania. Till the age of seven, Biden enjoyed a wealthy childhood until his father lost his wealth. This made the Biden family shift places. Due to his early education in Catholic schools, Biden has considered being a Priest but fate took him in other directions. He is strongly religious as his family background and childhood learnings have hugely influenced him in this way. Additionally, he is a teetotaler because of his observations regarding the downfall of the Biden family due to men succumbing to alcoholism. Biden stammered extremely as a young kid. It led to him being teased on multiple occasions. However, he overcame this by reciting poems in front of the mirror and improving his communication.

Joe Biden’s Educational Background & Non-Political Career

Joe Biden pursued his early schooling at St. Paul’s, a Catholic primary school in Scranton. Further, due to perpetual shifts in his father’s economical conditions, he was admitted to another Catholic school Holy Rosary in Claymont. Soon the family shifted to Wilmington where he attended his third Catholic school, then St. Helena’s Elementary. In high school, he attended the Archmere Academy in Claymont where he was also known for his football achievements. He was an average student but dealt with a severe stutter issue that paved the way for his bullying.

For College, Biden shifted to Newark where he attended the University of Delaware. He focuses on his social life and sports more as compared to education. It was during this time that his grades started to deteriorate and he focused back on education while developing his dream to be a Senator followed by the US President. In 1965, he graduated with a double major in History and Political Science and a minor in English.

Joe Biden in the 1960s
Joe Biden in the 1960s

During his summer break during his graduation, he met Neilia Hunter from Syracuse University. To get nearer to her, post his graduation, Biden joined Syracuse University College of Law. He discovered that he was not incredibly interested in the course and found it boring. However, he managed to pass and earned his law degree.

Biden joined the Delaware bar in 1969 and practised law until 1972 when he turned 29 and applied for a Senator position. During his years as Senator, between 1998 and 2008, he lectured at the Constitutional Law Seminar at Widener University School of Law, as an adjunct professor.

Political Career and Association with Democratic Party

Biden at Delaware, while practising law ran opposite Republican incumbent J. Caleb Boggs for the position of Junior US Senator in 1972. He associated himself with the Democratic Party. He independently won the elections and later in 1973, he was sworn in as the US Senate at Delaware Division of the Wilmington Medical Center. He was just 30 back then which made him the 6th youngest US Senate. He served as the Senator for 7 consecutive terms till 2009 when he won the re-elections 7 times. His focus was on various things such as better foreign relations, crime ratios, and more.

Joe Biden with Barack Obama
Joe Biden with Barack Obama for Democratic Governance in the United States

It was during this time that Biden applied for Democratic Presidential nominations. He did so for two years, in 1988 and 2008 but failed. However, in 2008, he was the running mate for Barack Obama which paved his way to becoming the US Vice President in 2009. He along with Obama as the President served two terms in the administration and governance. Post that, Donald Trump took over and was announced President after winning the elections. In 2020, Democratic Party nominated Biden for Presidential candidature. He decided that American African Senator, Kamala Harris shall be his running mate for the position of Vice President in the administration.

The elections were disputatious and vehement. Biden won but as he waited for the inauguration, Donald Trump ensured that multiple obstacles rise in the way as he alleged cheating and fraud. However, Biden finally joined in as the President once the US was over with dealing Trump’s case.

Biden’s Term as 46th US President

In November 2020, Biden defeated Donald Trump who was the incumbent. He became the oldest person to hold the office in the history of America and the second person to be both Vice President and President after George HW Bush. His transition into the Presidential position was highly delayed as Trump lucidly refused to cooperate insisting that he shall not concede the office. The events included a massive exodus by Trump supporters in front of the White House against alleged voter fraud that Trump claimed. Biden was finally inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on 20 January 2021 with Kamala Harris holding the office of Vice President.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Joe Biden as the President signed the Inflation Reduction Act, CHIPS, and Science Acts which strive to deal with costs, jobs, and so much more that benefits the public. The best employment growth and the constant lows in the annual unemployment rate further reflect how responsible he feels regarding the actual problems of Americans. He aims to work towards the Climate and his actions have reflected his positioning regarding that. Moreover, the Biden-Harris administration employed their attention towards the betterment of Health Care facilities for the Veteran citizens of the United States. He made some right calls regarding gun violence which were extremely significant steps that were been taken in American history of 30 years in this direction. Gender-based violence which was actively prevalent was reduced in the governance of Biden as he took some evident decisions regarding so.

The American Rescue Plan ARP Act which his administration passed helped the Americans to deal with the aftermath of COVID and recover in a much state than expected. Not to mention, when Biden entered office, the foreign relations of the United States were deteriorating. He made stabilized the tough situations with his better foreign policy and made things better for America on an international front. The pandemic slowed down many countries, including Great Britain and especially China. Nevertheless, the way the United States recovered from the situation and the relief that the public feels regarding the same is only a portrayal of Biden’s strong and thoughtful actions.

Indian PM Narendra Modi US President Joe Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at G7
Indian PM Narendra Modi US President Joe Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at G7

He took some major stances as the President when he strongly refused Mexican immigrants to enter America. Moreover, Biden supported Israel in its conflict with Palestine. One of his major works was the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan which further led to the Taliban capture. This invited loads of criticism. However, for the American Military and their families, the decision seemed to serve the best interest. He also criticised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his domination of Ukraine amid the battle and imposed multiple sanctions on the nation. Biden further pardoned American convicts who were prisoned for marijuana possession, which was a surprising call.

Net Worth and Public Image of Joe Biden

Biden entered the Presidential Office on 20 January 2021. His salary for the year was $378,333, lesser than the actual pay of $400,000. As per Forbes, as of June 2021, the net worth of Joe Biden is suspected to be $8 Million, which is way less than the former President Trump, who inherited much wealth from his father. However, neither Biden nor The White House provides a concrete disclosure regarding the net worth or financial possessions of the present President of the United States. Biden is known to be one of the least wealthy public officials in the US and the only hike in his net worth was observed post his Vice Presidency which contributed to his increased charges of public speaking and a surge in the business of authored books.

Joe Biden Bio
Joe Biden as 46th US President

Biden enjoys a positive public image where is known to be happy, a person of the public, and empathetic. His openness regarding grief and personal loss post the death of his son, Beau in 2015 was well taken by the people of America. He is known to be communicative and this is viewed as both, his strengths and cons. He is generally criticised for being unfiltered with his words and mispronouncing them on stages. However, he is recognised to be a thoughtful man who has a keen insight into matters and grasps the nuances of every issue. Criticism has reached the Biden desk for his close association with a few racist people and he too is perceived as someone who can have certain colourist beliefs.

The Biden Administration is considered to be a better alternative as compared to the previously wrecking Trump Administration, as per the people of America. They are quite cynical about Joe Biden being the president as he lacks charisma, cognition, comprehension, and leadership ability.

Biden Family and Joe’s Marriages

Biden is someone who shares belongs to a cosmopolitan family. His grandparent’s legacies connect him to Ireland and the United Kingdom. There is a French descent dimension to him as well through his paternal line. His family is Catholic and his parents moved around the United States, from Pennsylvania to finally settle in Delaware. His mother, Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Biden and father, Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. were financially very settled but they found themselves in an economic drop post the birth of Joe Jr. Soon, his father figured out a way by working out in the Used Cas Business and got the family back on the stability track. Joe has two younger brothers named James Brian “Jim” Biden and Francis William “Frank” Biden, and a younger sister named Valerie Biden Owens.

Joe Biden, Neilia Hunter Biden, and Family
Joe Biden, Neilia Hunter Biden, and Family

Joe Biden married Neilia Hunter on 27 August 1966. They gave birth to three children, Joseph Robinette “Beau” III, Robert Hunter and Naomi Christina “Amy”. Nelia always supported Biden in his political ventures and has been an integral part of his initial career. Unfortunately, she died in a car accident along with their only daughter, Naomi. The sons were along in the accident as well. However, they survived to outlive their mother and sister. Later, Beau Biden tried battling brain cancer but died succumbing to the disease in 2015. Joe’s only child from the first marriage that survived is Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden Bio Jill and Joe Biden
Jill and Joe Biden

Later in 1975, Joe Biden found a companion on a blind date in Jill Tracy Jacobs. They got married on 17 June 1977 in the presence of a catholic priest who officiated their wedding in a Chapel in New York City. Jill was quite sceptical about marrying Biden as he had a life dominated by public imagery and their dating was explored within 3 years of the death of his first wife. Additionally, it was not easy for her since she had to also participate responsibly regarding the then-young sons of Biden. Jill and Joe are parents to Ashley Biden, who is a social worker, activist, philanthropist, and fashion designer. Jill is presently the First Lady of the United States.

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