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David Johansen: The famous singer, David Johansen has been one of the prime musicians in his younger days. He is still loved and actively works on his musical career. One of the most prominent members of the New York Dolls and a very diligent artist, his journey with music has been ravishing and while doing so he has taken up projects that involved acting as well. The American singer rose from local bands to creating his own band in a very long and currently running career. In the following biography, you shall find all details of his Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, and much more.

David Johansen Biography
Full Biography of Buster Poindexter or David Johansen

David Johansen Biography

The American Singer who came into light with his association with the band, New York Dolls, David Roger Johansen has ruled the music industry since 1975. His vocals were an extreme reflection of perfection and not only his records were believed to be extremely exceptional but also his live concerts and performances were immensely loved around the United States. Last he was seen in the film, Personality Crisis: One Night Only.

The 73-year-old singer and occasional actor have ruled the 80s, 90s, and early 00s era completely. He has also hit headlines for his personal life, sometimes in the way. He is best known by the pseudonym, Buster Poindexter in the world for his music. Another noted artistic venture was his exemplary performance as Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooged.

David Johansen: Quick Facts

Name of the PersonalityDavid Roger Johansen
Date of Birth9 January 1950
Age73 Years
Place of BirthStaten Island, New York City, United States of America
Height6 feet and 2 inches
PseudonymBuster Poindexter
SpouseMara Hennessey: 2013 – Present
Kate Simon: 1983–2011
Cyrinda Foxe: 1977–1978

Early Life and Family of Johansen

Johansen was born in the New York City borough of Staten Island in the United States on 9 January 1950. Presently, he is 73 years old. His mother worked as a librarian and was Irish in originality, whereas, his father, was a sales worker who had substantial experience in soap opera singing. He belonged to Norway. Both his parents were American as far as nationality was concerned.

David Johansen and Mara Hennessey
David Johansen and Mara Hennessey

Johansen married thrice in the 73 years of his life. He initially married Cyrinda Foxe who was an actress. The couple was the talk of the tinsel town due to their celebratory image in the United States. Things could not work out and the couple filed for divorce in a year after marriage. His next marriage lasted more than 25 years. He was married to the photographer Kate Simon and after they got separated legally in 2011, the singer was believed to be dating the artist Mara Hennessey who married in 2013. He does not have any children.

Association with the New York Dolls

Johansen started his singing career with the Vagabond Missionaries. The bond was based in Staten Island and later in the 1970s, he joined New York Dolls as a songwriter and singer. While he was the lead singer in the previous band, he had to take up the responsibility of collaborating with the guitarist Johnny Thunders and writing the albums, Too Much Too Soon and New York Dolls. His association with the band did earn him loads of critical appreciation. However, the commercial success came in late.

The rise of New York Dolls was yet anticipated when Johnny along with Jerry Nolan left the band, only leaving David and Sylvain and Sylvain. The two created music and released it until finally, David decided to start his solo career. This decision was supported by Sylvain and finally in 1976, a year after Thunders and Nolan’s exit, the band dissolved permanently. However, the band members were often spotted supporting each other and taking pride in singing songs by the band as a unit.

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Solo Singing Career of Buster Poindexter

It was in the year 1976 that David Johansen started taking up his music career individually. Even though he received much fame from his membership in the prime American Band, New York Dolls, his solo career could have been a risky start. However, his fame and fan following only hiked since the day he released his first two solo albums titled, In Style and David Johansen. The latter was highly appreciated to an extent that it charted at the 91st position in Australia back in 1978, in the month of August.

New York Dolls
New York Dolls

Even though Johansen’s exit from New York Dolls was marked by the commencement of his solo career, he often shared the stage with his band partner, Sylvain Sylvain. The two were spotted singing myriad songs they performed for the New York Dolls. Further, he released live albums titled, Live It Up and The David Johansen Group Live which earned him the title of being a prestigious and exemplary performer in live concerts. His vocals were highly appreciated for their candour.

Buster Poindexter
Buster Poindexter

Further, he contributed very largely to writing his next two releases, Here Comes the Night and Sweet Revenge. This established him as a versatile artist who not only performs and works well in one particular genre but also masters new subjects and areas of interest in music. He received the title of Buster Poindexter post his appearance in a commercial backed by the Uptown Horns. It was then that Johansen gained a substantial amount of commercial success which glorified his career further.

Johansen's Hot Hot Hot
Johansen’s Hot Hot Hot

He released the incredibly hit song, Hot Hot Hot as Buster Poindexter, which was also his first release post being recognised with this pseudonym. He was also invited to participate in the house band of the famous American Show, Saturday Night Live which was another such feature which turned into a treat for his fans. He released Buster Poindexter’s Happy Hour which was highly inspiring followed by Buster Poindexter’s Spanish Rocket Ship. The former concentrated on the theme of alcohol and relative subjects while the latter was a very beautiful blend of salsa and merengue kind of arts. He also formulated a band, later, titled The Banshees of Blue.

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Acting Career of Jo Hansen

David started working on films in the 1980s. His first non-musical appearance in the field of acting was his participation in Oz, which was aired on television on the HBO channel. Later, he joined the cast of The Adventures of Pete and Pete in an episode titled, On Golden Plate. He was appreciated for his initial acting trials and further received an opportunity to play a role in an episode of the famous series, The Jim Henson Hour. His acting in Scrooged and Let It Ride received wide acclaim and the world finally started viewing him as an entertainer, rather than only a singer.

Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooged
Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooged

Furthermore, he acted in Mister Nanny and Car 54, Where are you? playing a prominent part. His active participation in the field of acting continued when he was viewed performing Last Kind Words in the documentary named Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus. David also played major roles in films, Freejack, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie and A Very Murray Christmas.

Ding Dong Daddy in Teen Titans
Ding Dong Daddy in Teen Titans

He was dubbed for the character of Ding Dong Daddy in the animated series Teen Titans. His acting ventures were most pertinent to music and singing but his screen presence was generally appreciated and did provide contentment to the viewers, especially to his fans who were keen on seeing him take opportunities other than that of sole music. David Johansen has had a huge fan following which eventually backed him as he aimed to take up short roles and little parts in various movies, televised series, and documentaries. His dubbings and voicings were also highly valued since he enjoyed love from nearly all parts of the world and prominently in America.

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Career listings of Buster Poindexter

David Johansen has nearly 50 musical records under his name. He has given major hits to the music industry, be it with the New York Dolls or through his sole career performances. His vocals were highly appreciated for the tone and stability that sustained even in the live performances. His concerts were highly anticipated and the fans awaited his next release when he was in the prime of his career. The following marked the glorious career of David Johansen since the year 1975:

1.2022Personality Crisis: One Night Only
3.2019Above the Shadows
4.2017Vince Giordano: There’s a Future in the Past
5.2015A Very Murray Christmas
6.2014Glass Chin
7.2012Clockwork Orange Country
8.2011New York Dolls: Lookin’ Fine on Television
9.2011New York Dolls: Live From The Bowery
10.2008New York Rock at the BBC
11.2007The Old, Weird America: Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music
12.2007Motherfucker: A Movie
13.2006The Return of the New York Dolls
14.2006The Harry Smith Project Live
15.2005New York Dolls: All Dolled Up
16.2005Punk: Attitude
17.2005New York Doll
18.2004Lightning in a Bottle
19.2003Teen Titans
20.2003Mayor of the Sunset Trip
21.2003Crooked Lines
22.2003End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones
23.2003Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus
24.2002God Is On Thir Side
25.2001Campfire Stories
26.200125 Years of Punk
28.2000The Fifth and the Fury
29.2000New York Dolls: TV Treasures
30.1999200 Cigarettes
31.1997Nick and Jane
32.1997The Deli
34.1997Cats Don’t Dance
35.1995Burnzy’s Last Call
36.1994Car 54, Where Are You?
37.1994September Songs- The Music of Kurt Weill
38.1993Naked in New York
39.1993Mr Nanny
41.1991Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel
42.1990Teles from the Darkside: The Movie
43.1989Let it Ride
44.1989The Ventures: 30 Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll
46.1988Married to the Mob
47.1988Candy Moutain
48.1985The Equalizer
49.1984Miami Vice
50.1975Night Lunch

Net Worth of David Johansen

The Net Worth of the singer, David Johansen is known nearly to be USD 2 Million. He acquires his wealth and financial stability from his professional contracts and previously accumulated monetary earnings from his music and acting projects. The singer has not been yet reported to have invested or participated in ventures other than that of Music and Acting. There have not been any reports of him being backed by or endorsing any major brands. Additionally, not much is known about his philanthropic or investment activities.

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