UP Bhulekh, Khasra, Khatoni, Uttar Pradesh Online Land Verification 2021

UP Bhulekh, UP Khasra, UP Khatoni, Bhulekh UP Online Verification 2021: Bhulekh UP is a digital portal for land records launched by the Revenue Council of Government of Uttar Pradesh. 

Before the introduction of Bhulekh UP, all the tasks related to the record of land such as the UP bhulekh khatauni system, Jamabandi, etc. were done recording manually on papers. But now the UP Government has computerized all the land record activities in the state.

What is UP Bhulekh?

UP Bhulekh is an online portal that maintains the whole life of UP Khatauni and other land information. This computerized system is much organized and transparent than the previous system. Every citizen can easily check information about their land record from their homes.

They no longer have to head towards the revenue office, UP Patwari or any other concerned office for knowing a small piece of information. Earlier record keeping of land was done manually at the Revenue Board.

Citizens have to visit the department for every task related to their land. For each and every task related to land such as sale of land, imitation of khatauni, unique code, jamabandi etc. They have to visit the govt. office for viewing even single information of land account.

It was very time consuming and sometimes did not give satisfactory results. But, now the scenario has been changed and Uttar Pradesh government has computerized the land record system. Like this, we have also provided info about UP voter list via online mode.

UP Bhulekh, Khasra, Khatoni, Online Verification 2021

Check all the important information about Bhulekh UP in this article. Here you will get detailed information about UP Bhulekh, its advantages, how to use it and other information.

Topic यूपी भूलेख
Article category -Information about Bhulekh UP
-UP Land Record, Khasra, Khatoni,
-Bhu Naksha Online Verification
State Uttar Pradesh
Bhulekh Authority Revenue Board/Council (Rajasva Parishad), UP
Official website https://upbhulekh.gov.in

About यूपी भूलेख Portal

Bhulekh UP is an online portal of UP Revenue Board that has solved the problem of manual land records in the state. Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh is made up of two Hindi words i.e. Bhu + Lekh where Bhu means land and Lekh means details or account. UP Bhulekh means keeping the account/ record of land. It includes all the descriptions of a land, its owner and other information in detail. It has been implemented in all the districts of the state.

उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य में नागरिकों की भूमि की सभी गतिविधियाँ और रिकॉर्ड अब सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी की मदद से मिलती रहेंगी। भूलेख यूपी एक वेब पोर्टल है जो यूपी के राजस्व बोर्ड द्वारा लोगों की भूमि का रिकॉर्ड रखने के लिए शुरू किया गया है। भूलेख यूपी एक ऑनलाइन प्लेटफॉर्म है जिसके माध्यम से आप अपना यूनिक कोड ऑफ प्लॉट, राजस्व ग्राम खतौनी का कोड, प्लॉट का स्टेटस, प्लॉट बिक्री की स्थिति, राइट्स रिकॉर्ड, डुप्लिकेट विखंडन आदि जान सकते हैं। इस आधिकारिक वेबसाइट की तरह UP सरकार ने अपने राज्य के बच्चों के लिए UP स्कालरशिप पोर्टल भी खोला है जिसकी मदद से बच्चें स्कालरशिप के लिए ऑनलाइन आवेदन कर सकते है।

Aim of UP Bhulekh Online Site

As you know, the computer-aided systems are very methodical. This portal is also systematic and transparent in comparison to previous ways like a citizen of UP will get benefits. Currently civilians can know their land record on this portal or mobile application from anywhere. Main aim to develop an online portal for यूपी भूलेख is to provide information regarding and without going anywhere.

Elements of UP Bhulekh

आर्टिकल के इस भाग में हमने UP भूलेख के एलिमेंट्स के बारे में पूरी जानकारी दी है।

Element NamesDescription of Elements
Khatauni Numberखतौनी नम्बर act as an account no. allotted to cultivators who are responsible to cultivate some portion of lands with different khasra no.
Khasra Numberखसरा नम्बर is a unique number of plot or also called survey number which is provided by the government of Uttar Pradesh to the owner of agricultural land.
Jamabandi/Fard/RoRजमाबन्दी फर्द includes record information of main land for example name of land owner, name of cultivators, particular khasra number, area of land, complete data of crop, mortgages & other leases info.
Khata /Khewat Numberखाता नम्बर या खैवट नम्बर is an account number given to those peoples who own a portion of lands with various Khasra Numbers.

Online Services Provided by UP Bhulekh Portal

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh portal provides assistance to needy citizens of UP. By using this website, they can avail advantages of various services such as-

  • E-District
  • Stamp & Registry
  • Revenue Suit
  • Complaint Registration
  • Knowing the Status of Complaint/ Grievance

How to check UP Land Records Online?

Bhulekh UP is an online portal and most of the people do not know how it works and how they can use it to check the land records. If you are one of them, then you do not have to worry. Here we have shared a step by step procedure to check the land records to help you in this. We have kept the language simple and easy to understand. You can easily follow the procedure and can get details of your land at your home.

Imitation of Khatauni (rights record) on Bhulekh UP-

You can check the imitation of Khatauni (Khatauni ki nakal) on Bhulekh by following the procedure shared below. To make it easy for you we have explained the complete procedure with help of pictures.

Step1 – Go to the official website: For this, you need to visit the official portal of Bhulekh UP i.e.  http://upbhulekh.gov.in.


Step 2 – Open the relevant link: On the homepage of the portal, you will various links. You have to click on “See imitation of Khatoni (rights record)” link.


Step 3 – Enter the captcha code: A dialog will appear and you have to enter the shown captcha code. Before you click on the submit button, you must ensure that you have entered the code correctly as it is case sensitive.

Enter the captcha code bhulekh up

Step 4 – Select the district: Now, you have to choose the district from the list as shown in the picture.


Step 5 – Select tehsil: On selecting a district, a list of all the tehsils falling under that district will appear.  You have to select the respective tehsil from the list.


Step 6 – Select village: Once you have selected the tehsil a list of village will appear and you have to select your village. You can make it easy by selecting the first letter of your village from the option given below.


Step 7 – Enter credentials: Now you have to enter the valid information in the space provided. You are given three options to search. You can search by entering the Gata No./ measles or by account No. or by the name of the account holder.
After entering the valid credentials, you have to click on the “See Evaluation” button.


Step 8 – Check the account details: Now, you can see the details of your account on your screen. It includes information such as name of the account holder, crop year, district, area, land record number, order, area etc.

UP Bhulekh, Khasra, Khatoni, Online Verification

Step 9 – Save the details: Lastly, if you wish you can save the page or can take a screenshot for references. However, details about your land are already in the database and you can check it anywhere, any time when you need it.

If you want to check other land records on Bhulekh UP such as code of revenue village Khatoauni, unique code of plot/ gate, status of plot, etc. records other than imitation of Khatauni you can follow the same procedure given above. You must have your Khasra or Gata Number to check the various record of your land. Without a valid Khasra Number, you cannot check your records.

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How to Know Condition of Plot Online?

  • Go to the official website of UP Bhulekh in any suitable web browser.
  • Now, on the homepage candidate have to click on Knowing the Condition of Plot tab.
  • On the next, you have to select your district, tehsil and village name.
  • After that, enter the data like “Measles or Gata Number” in order to view info.
  • In a few seconds, condition of land will be displayed on your screen.

Method of Check Sale Status of यूपी भूलेख Plot

  1. Open the official link of यूपी भूलेख portal.
  2. Homepage of official website will flash on your screen.
  3. Select Know Status of Sale of Plot option from the display.
  1. On the new page, applicants have to select “District, Name of Village, Tehsil Name” from the selection box.
  1. Then insert your “Gata Number”.
  1. Sale status of plot will open on your screen in a few moments.

Procedure to File a Complaint

In case any candidate has an issue related to UP Bhulekh, they also submit the grievances for it. To file a complaint aspirant, need to submit some important steps that are as follows.

  • Candidates have to go to the official portal i.e. http://jansunwai.up.nic.in.
  • Scroll down the homepage and click on Register Grievance” option given on the screen.
  • Declaration box will appear on your screen, read it and then hit the “I agree” option.
  • After submitting the declaration, the registration page will open.
  • Enter all the details that are necessary to register.
  • Insert your complaint and finally submit it.

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How to Know of Grievance Status?

  1. Open the official website of UP Jansunwai – Samadhan.
  2. Select “Track Grievance” option form homepage of the portal.
  1. Grievance status check details will open on your screen.
  2. Provide your data like complaint number, mobile number, email id and captcha.
  1. Click on “Submit” button and status of your complaint will be visible in a few moments.

Process to Check Code of Revenue Village Khatauni

  1. Go to the official portal of UP Bhulekh.
  2. Homepage will load on your screen.
  3. Click on Know Code of Revenue Village option from the home screen.
  1. On the new page, aspirants have to select their details district, tehsil, village.
  1. Code of villages will be displayed on the right side of the village name.
  1. This is how you can check codes for each village.

Know Your Unique Plot/ Gatte Code

  • Visit the official portal that is http://upbhulekh.gov.in/.
  • After that, select “Know Unique Plot of Code” from the homepage screen.
  • Choose all the basic information like tehsil, village, district on the new page.
  • Then, candidates have to insert their gata number, or you can also find it by measles.
  • Unique code for your Plot will appear on your screen in a few moments.

How to Download यूपी भूलेख Mobile Application?

Along with यूपी भूलेख website, authorities have also developed a mobile application for same. Candidates can download the application from play store by following the steps given below.

  1. Open the play store in your web browser.
  2. Now, search “UP Bhulekh” application in it.
  3. Download the application on your mobile phone.
  4. Check all the details from the UP Bhulekh mobile application.

Advantages of UP Bhulekh

Computerization of land records in Uttar Pradesh has streamlined the daily activities of land records in the state. Bhulekh UP has various advantages. Below we have shared all the advantages and benefits that this system has provided to the citizens-

  • Citizens can view date of their land records, UP bhulekh map and all the related information on a single website at any time and any place. They do not have to visit the concerned department every time.
  • People can view their land details just by entering the Khasra No/ Gate no. on this portal.
  • It is a transparent system that helps in reducing illegal possession of land, scuffles, grabbing of land of weaker sections, crime, lawsuits etc.
  • Now citizen does not have to visit the Revenue department for knowing the status or information regarding their land. They can check it just by visiting the Bhulekh UP portal.
  • Earlier, it was hectic and time-consuming activity if you have to check the land records. Now with Bhulekh UP, citizens can save their time as they do not have to frequently visit the Patwari office. If you are a worker then you can avail the benefits of another website launched for UP workers named “Labour Act Management System“.
  • Citizen can add information and update their land account through Bhulekh and this process is as secure rather than keeping details in files.

UP Bhu Naksha

Citizen can also check the online map of Uttar Pardesh. UP Bhu Naksha link is provided here. Click on the link to visit the Bhulekh UP online map/naksha.

Uttar Pradesh Geo Map Online: you can see a map of your own land farm online sitting at home. You can also take a printout of your land map. Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has introduced an online map of the country by making map material information online. To read UP Bhulekh complete details in Hindi – Click here.

Direct link to Online Verification of UP Bhulekh 2021

Check Bhulekh UP Khasra Khatauni Online
भूखण्ड /गाटे के वाद ग्रस्त होने की स्थिति यहाँ से जाने
Click Here
Check Bhulekh UP Bhulekh Record Online
खतौनी (अधिकार अभिलेख) की नक़ल देखें
Click Here
Find UP Unique / Gata Code
भूखण्ड/ गाटे का यूनिक कोड यहाँ से जाने
Click Here
Search UP Khasra Code Wise
राजस्व ग्राम खतौनी का कोड यहाँ से जाने
Click Here
Bhulekh UP Khautani Nakal Verification
खतौनी अंश -निर्धारण की नक़ल यहाँ देखें
Click Here
UP Bhu Naksha
यूपी भू नक्शा/भू-लेख ऑनलाइन मैप देखें
Click Here

Name of UP Districts


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यूपी भूलेख Related FAQ’s

What does “Bhulekh” term signifies?

“Bhulekh” term comprises of two different Hindi/ Sanskrit words “Bhu” and “Alekh”. In English, it will be called as land records, used to kept all details of land in a record form.

What is the key advantage of UP Bhu Naksha Online Portal?

Aspirants can check details about land maps according to their region from any time and anywhere.

How to View UP Bhu Naksha online

A) Click on this website:
B) Now select the district, tehsil, and village.
C) You will now see a map of the area selected.
D) Now you can click on your farm number to see the name of the account holder concerned.
E) After doing this, you will see account number, now select the account holder’s name which you want to see.
F) You can also take a print out of the land map.

Can I check the status of sale of my plot through this portal?

Yes, you can easily check the details with the help of this portal. If you don’t know the process then must follow the process given above in this article.

I am not the citizen of UP state then also I can view details of my land from UP bhulekh?

No, from this portal is only for people of UP can avail the benefits of it. You can check out the website of your state in order to check land details.

How can I check the name of land owner?

To check the landowner name, you need to open the official portal and then enter your tehsil, village, district and know the details of land.

To whom khatauni number is allotted by Revenue department?

Khatauni number is given by Revenue department to the group of Cultivators. These people cultivates the some piece of land according to khasra number.

Can I correct my information if I have inserted wrong account details?

UP bhulekh portal do not provide any kind of facility to update information of account. To correct information aspirants have to visit tehsil.

How can I check the list of tehsil from official portal of यूपी भूलेख?

To check names of tehsil falls under UP state, application have to open the UP bhulekh official website then scroll down the homepage and click on “Tehsil” option given on screen. In a few moments list will appear on your display.

What is the meaning of Jamabandi?

Jamabandi consists of land records in which civilians insert their details like owner name of land, cultivator details, crops details, khasra number etc.

How can know the code of my village online?

To know village code online, you need to visit the official portal of Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh portal. Then, choose on first option that is “Know Revenue Village Code”. After that, select your district, tehsil, village. Code of village will be appear on the right side of your village name.

What is account number in terms of UP bhulekh?

The account number is that unique number provided by Revenue department to the owner of land. This number verifies the piece of land belongs to whom.

What is the procedure of checking land condition via online webiste?

First step is to go to the official page of Uttar Pradesh bhulekh -> Choose “Know Condition of Plot” option -> Select “Village, District, Tehsil” of yours -> Enter gata number and condition and other info will be presented on your screen.

Which helpline number can I dial to ask queries related to Uttar Pradesh bhulekh?

In case you have any problems or want to ask something from officials then contact to this number – 0522-2217145.

For any issue or help regarding you can contact:

If you any issue in online verification or in UP bhulekh online registration 2021, then you can contact to this Phone No. –  0522-2217145/ Email- borlko@nic.in or comment below so we can help you to solve the problem ASAP.

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    Sir please note the above details which are not showing in your Bhu Naksha

    please do your end.

  2. my self Arun , My Mother’s Name(mrs. sudesh airy w/o. Subhash Chandra Airy is not on Registry Record of Land whose details are below :-

    District :- Chandauli
    Tehsil:- Mughalsarai
    Gram:- Bechupur(mavai-220637)
    Gatta Number:- 13/3 & 14/1
    Seller name is mention in record but purchaser name is missing . Please update me for this issue what to do , I will be highly Obliged . Thank-you

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  5. Dear sir
    In District jaun pur (UP) The name of land owner is Vikash s/o Bhola Written father as Bhola where the correct name is Raj kumar
    Kindly correct it,as suggust to us how we can correct it.due to this we have faced problem and we do not find Govermant sechme such as provide state & Central govermant …in all other document like school certificate Details ,adhar card & pan card is written father name is Raj kumar.sir i am waiting your earlier reply..
    Details of Land as below
    Village & post -Bhanpur
    Distc-Jaun pur
    State-Utter pradesh
    Village sr no-202988 as written in khatoni
    Thanks &Regards
    Vikash mishra
    Mo no-9516353568

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    This is to inform you that,village-Godhana Paragana-ghishua tehsil- machhali Shahar Dist-Jaunpur naksa not uploaded on the your bhunaksa portal please uploaded naksh.

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    Respectfully i beg to say that my family member,s name is not correct in my bhulekh .
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    Thank you

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    I found the my plot details but its showing on servey continuously from last 2 to 3 years….
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    hamne gayaa prashad and babu ram se kharida tha jo abhi tak SARTAJ KE NAME PAR NHI CHADA

  20. Sir, Vill&post Atanga Chandpur, Teh,Nawabganj, Dist-Bareilly, U.P, ka Map show nahi kar raha hai, jab ham khasra number ke according view karke ya pdf me save karna chahte hain to plz is issue ko solve karao, aapki meharbani hogi,
    Aur ham apne village ke gharo ka naksha aur kiske name me hai wo kaun si webisite ya link ke through dekh sakte hain.
    Hame apne Grandfather ke father ki detail search karna ho, ki unke us time par documents par kya name hai aur unke ladkon ke us par kya name mentionn hain, to wo bhi bata do kahan se check kar sakte hain, THANKS

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    Could you please provide the Naksha of Suthiyana (216930) falling in State-UP, Dist-Gautam Budh Nagar and, Tehsil- Gautam Budh Nagar and having village census code 216930.

    While tring in “” required Naksha for Suthiyana is missing.

    Mir Abdul Rehaz

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    The Registration number still shows the old owners details. How is that Possible? The land was bought in the year 2009 and still has the same old owner name, New registration number has different persons name How is that possible?

    And how to give property tax in rural?

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  25. Jitender Singh
    09th Sep.2019
    Dear sir/Mam
    We have some large land at Bulandsheher Distt, Khurja Thesil,Goaspur Taina village
    we have unique code of that land but are facing some problem from illegal trespassers
    where in they are not allowing us to use our land for farming and cunstruction of
    As we not stay in U.P. We are not able to get help from any over there.
    Please help or suggest a way out where in We can apply for Pakki farmeish online
    and fence our land.
    We would be really thankfull if you could help in this.

    Jitender Singh

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  29. While checking the Khasar Khatoni, I am not getting District Name & Tahsil Name on my computer kindly advice for the same urgently as i need to check my record and want to print.



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    धन्यवाद एवं सादर,
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    मोबाइल नंबर: – + 91-9724594497

  31. The name entered in computerised khatauni is wrong where as in manual it is correct. In place of Satya Prakash Shukla as in manual khatauni in computerised it appears as Satya Narain Shukla which is incorrect. Needs to be rectified as causing lot of inconvenience and mental stress as the holder is above 75 yrs of age.

  32. Moti Lal /Ram Khelawan
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  33. In District AMROHA (UP) The name of Tehsil NOWGAWAN SADAT Written as NOWAWA SATTAT where the correct name is NOWGAWAN SADAT.
    Kindly correct it

  34. सुल्तानपुर जिला के लंभुआ तहसील का तातो मुरैनी गांव का नाम भू नक्शा मे नही है कृपया करके गांव का नाम भू नक्शा
    मे अपलोड करे

  35. जिला भदोही, तहसील ज्ञानपुर में महमदपुर उपरवार का भू नक्शा अभी तक अपलोड नही किया गया है। अपलोड करने की कृपा करे।

  36. Team UP,

    Keep doing the good work, Uttar Pradesh will become Uttam. Every individual who honestly working hard should be proud of taking one step closer to make UP as positive vibrant UP.


    • Village -kaithisankarpur , tashil- Lalganj – District- Azamgarh
      I request that not showing to map my village.
      So therefore, it is humble for you to take action about it.
      Thanks & Regards
      Brijesh Yadav

  37. Bhulekh up web site not working have some problem last many days please look the defect matter and repair & update to gate and see land records .

  38. Sir, I want to know the unique code for my land in meerut. But the link which shows the unique code is not working. I want to sale my property. But without the unique code, i am unable to sell.
    Pls help


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