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Suraksha Store Registration Certificate & Training Near Me: The government of India in association with the leading FMCG companies started the initiative called Suraksha Store’ for all neighbourhood Kirana and other stores. Through this, the government is trying to convert the local Kirana and other stores into sanitized retail outlets and these outlets follow all norms which are issued to them and people can buy their goods without any fear of COVID-19. The government of India eyeing 20 lakh Suraksha store in the next month. If you are having a Kirana or any other store and wanted to make your store a Suraksha store then read this article. You can apply through

In this article, we have covered all the topics related to the Suraksha store and also provide you a registration link so that you can register for it.

Suraksha Store Registration

COVID-19 slowly-slowly has changed the lifestyle of people all over the world, now the people are maintaining social distance from other people because they don’t know the people moving around them are corona positive or not and this wouldn’t affect the local stores, so the government of India came up with an idea, it was to make all their Kirana store a Suraksha store and in this, the FMCG companies are with the government and they will help such stores in their safety and hygiene practices.

The top FMCG Companies will adopt the nearby store and they will help them by giving education and provide the certification of hygiene and safety standards.

Till now more than 50 FMCG companies shake hands with the government on this and such FMCG will provide the mask gloves and sanitize.

An important aspect of Suraksha store

All stores who wanted to be Suraksha store need to be followed few norms so that they can be registered as Suraksha store and the norms are:

  • All store owner need to mark with chalk or sticker the 1.5 meters of social distancing outside their shops
  • These stores need to provide sanitizer/ hand wash or soap to their customer before they enter the shop.
  • They need to be use stickers to mark the 1.5-meter distance around their billing counter.
  • Provide the face mask or face covering cloth to their staff.
  • These stores must have a non-hand operated waste-basket so that people can dispose of their tissue and mask in it.
  • They need to sanitize their door-knob, shopping basket, counter area in every 4 hours.
  • They need to display the MHA guidelines or notification on health and hygiene and also display a poster of the Suraksha store outside their shop.
  • Need to install the Aarogya setu app and make sure that their employee also has the same.

Who could be a Suraksha store?

Now the big question is does the Suraksha store is only Kirana store where people buy their daily need goods, but it’s not like that, all such stores where people visit normally will be cover on this like the Kirana store, pharmacy store, consumer touchpoint, apparel, salons, shelf supermarket and other consumer durables, etc.

What to do become a Suraksha store?

You do not need to anything extra in your store to convert it into a Suraksha store you just need to comply with safety and health parameter in which 1.5 meters of social distancing marked outside your shop and also around the billing counter, you must provide the facility of hand sanitizer or hand wash whatever suitable at your shop and every people who are coming to your store must use before they entered, you need to provide the face mask to each of your staff members and need to sanitize all your high touchpoint at least twice in a day.

How do we get to know such a store is a Suraksha store?

It’s not a big problem to identify such store because every retails outlets that are part of this mission need to put a display board in their store so that customer may easily get to know that this store is a Suraksha store where all norms of hygiene followed and a safer place to buy goods.

Steps to get the certification of Suraksha store registration

From signing up to get the certification there is a process of getting it which we have discussed below:

  • Register the store at Suraksha store website (link given below)

If you are interested and wanted to be a part of the mission to fight with COVID-19 then you need to register first on their official website.

  • Enroll for Suraksha initiative training

After registering you need to enroll in the training where the experts will provide information and tell you about the program.

  • Complete training and pass assessment

Once the training period is completed after that an assessment test will be conducted to make sure that you have learned enough during the training period or not.

  • Get certificate

And once you cleared the assessment test after that you will be awarded the Suraksha store certification.

  • Physical demonstration by your local distributor

And once you get the certification your local distributor will visit your store and physically checks the standards which you learned during the training.

  • Follow the standard and become a Suraksha store

And after getting all this you just need to follow the safety and hygiene standard, so that your store will remain a Suraksha store not only for you but also for the customers who loved to buy from your store.

The benefit of Aarogya setu compliant Suraksha store

Now some Kirana store owners must be thinking what is the benefit of this and how it will help them. So, below we have mentioned some point and it will clear all doubts.

  • Gain customer trust

By providing a safe environment of shopping to your customer while purchasing the goods will boost your business because they do not have any fear of COVID-19 in your store.

  • Support community health

Through this, you will share the knowledge of COVID-19 safety guidelines issued by the MHA to make your customer and community aware, so that they will not fall on the prey of rumors

  • Confidence of staff

Through this, your staff member feels secure and this will bring them back at work.

  • Sustain your business

With the help of this, you may continue your business during these tough times.

  • Visibility in Aarogya setu mobile app

Through this, you are joining the hands to fight against the COVID-19.

Steps for Suraksha store registration

If you wanted to make your store a Suraksha store then you need to follow the steps which we have given below:

  • To register you need to visit the official website which is
  • Now on the home page of the website, you may easily find the sign-up form
  • Fill the form accordingly and submit it.
  • After this, you will receive a text message of successful registration

Click here to sign up for Suraksha store (Link Expired)

Training after registration

Once you successfully registered, then after this you and your staff will be trained to make your store a Suraksha store and for this, you will get the certification.

Particulars need to be filled in the sign-up form

In the sign-up form you need to give some of the details and which are:

  • Owner/manager name of the shop
  • Mobile number
  • Training language (right now there are six languages for training)
  • Name of the store
  • Type of store (Kirana/ chemist/ other/ shelf service supermarket)
  • Need to opt. the choice whether you willing to do home delivery during the COVID-19
  • Pincode
  • City/town name
  • District
  • State
  • Address of the store
  • The contact number of employees
  • FSSAI registration number

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