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Sugamya Bharat App a mobile application launched by Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Thaawarchand Gehlot. In New Delhi, he implemented Sugamya Bharat Application along with a handbook labelled as “Access – The Photo Digest” through a virtual conference on the 2nd of March 2021.
This mobile application is a crowdsourcing app that flatters accessibility. Empowerment of Person with Disabilities has developed Sugamya Bharat App. If you find this post interesting, then we advise you to go through with the complete article and get all the exciting facts, data related to Sugamya Bharat Mobile Application here.


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What is Sugamya Bharat App

Union Minister stated that “Sugamya Bharat App is a crowdsourcing application, in simple words the app is for improving accessibility and sensitising Accessible India Campaign 3 pillars, that is transportation area, environment building and ICT ecosystem”. While using the application, candidates will come to know about its five essential features, in which four characteristics are for enhancing accessibility, and a fifth one is for disabled people (PWD) concerning COVID problems.

This crowd-sourcing mobile application will work in two different directions. The first one is causing awareness regarding accessibility need, and the last one is to take in an obvious variation in accessible characteristics that are presented in built-up areas and other services. As of now, this mobile application is available on the google play store for android phones. But on March 15th 2021, it will be accessible for iOS mobile phones also.

Aspects of Sugamya Bharat Application

Sugamya Bharat Mobile Application comprises several important features, which we have explained in the subsequent section of this passage.

  • The portal provides a dashboard for monitoring and lodging data after completing a login process.
  • In order the get into the mobile application, aspirants have to do one time sign up procedure.
  • While filing a complaint or appreciation, acknowledging the email.
  • Any news, events, updates will be posted through the DEPwD (Dept. of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities) in Sugamya Bharat Application.
  • All the accessibility features are integrated with a single platform for Divyangjan.
  • Candidates can keep track of their grievance status in a real-time medium.
  • The app also sends a reminder in order to the resided complaint or track its status.
  • Geotagged photograph of available infrastructure will be uploaded to this application.
  • The application is available in ten different local languages that are English, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Odiya, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil.

Sugamya Bharat Application Other Features

Check more user friendly features of Sugamya Bharat application and avail the services of an app more efficiently.

◎ Hindi and English combine screen reader 
◎ Uploading grievances with images in application
◎ Videos available in both Hindi and English languages
◎ The choice for color contrasting
◎ Sign lang. analysis to illustrate the method of registration
◎ Simple drop-down menu bars
◎ Feature to convert text to speech
◎ Modification of font size 

Advantages of Sugamya Bharat App

There are several benefits of the Sugamya Bharat mobile application, and some of these are clarified below in this section.

  1. The interface of Sugamya Bharat app is user friendly, which means anyone can easily use the features of this application.
  2. The mobile application is an integrated system.
  3. Sugamya Bharat app is available in 10 languages so that candidates can use the app in their respective language.
  4. The app will help government to enhance the accessibility of the three mainstays of the Accessible India campaign.
  5. Due to online procedure, needy candidates can use the Sugamya Bharat app anywhere anytime.

How to Download Sugamya Bharat App

After considering the details of Sugamya Bharat application, aspirants a now looking for a way to download the app. So, here we have discussed a simple process of downloading the Sugamya Bharat App.

Step 1st- In the initial step, we request candidates to open their mobile phones and make sure that the internet connection is on.
Step 2nd- Then, open the “Google Play Store Application” on your phone.
Step 3rd- Once the app will open on your screen, type “Sugamya Bharat App” on the search box of the play store.


Step 4th- Now, click on the “Install” button, and app will start downloading on your mobile phone.


Step 5th- After downloading the Sugamya Bharat app, get advantage of its services.

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Registration Procedure of Sugamya Bharat App

In order to avail the services of the Sugamya Bharat app, candidates have to get themselves registered. The steps for registration are described below. Implement the procedure as it and register yourself.

◆ At first, applicants have to visit the Sugamya Mobile App on their phones.
◆ Now, click on the “New User Register Here” button.


◆ Then, enter your name, mobile number, email, birth date, gender, UDID number on registration form.


◆ Tap the “Sent OTP” link and enter the OTP for verification.
◆ After OTP verification, agree with terms and conditions and hit the “Submit” button.
◆ Your username and password will be sent to your registered email id, and a registration completion pop up box will be generated on the screen.


How to Use Sugamya Bharat Application

There are certain features that you can avail after login into the application. Check out how you can use the Sugamya Bharat App in an easy manner.

  • Firstly, candidates have to open the app and login with their details.
  • Then, use the feature described one by one-

 Complaints- Accessibility

  • Click on “Complaint- Accessibility tab”, and the form will open on your screen.
  • Insert your details like sector, sub-sector, building name, etc on the form.
  • Then, upload maximum images and submit complaint.

COVID-19 Issues

  • Select “COVID-19 Issues” option from the home screen.
  • On the next page, you have to upload your disability certificate.
  • Then, provide your UDID or Disability certificate number and proceed.
  • Enter your info and submit the form.

Submit Positive Feedback

  • From the homepage of app, choose “Positive Feedback” option.
  • A feedback form will be displayed, insert data such as sector building name, sub-sector, feedback description.
  • Upload the image (max. 5) and submit the form.

Department Updates

After choosing department updates option, users can undoubtedly know about disable person rights and best practices that will be updated from time to time. 


Guidelines and Circulars

  • Whenever officials publish any guideline, it can be checked through Sugamya Bharat app. All you need to do is select “Guidelines and Circular” option.
  • Enter your sector and sub-sector info.
  • News and updates will be presented on your screen.

About Handbook “Access – The Photo Digest”


According to Central Minister, the handbook consists of all the images/ photographs obtained by various states and union territories of India. Handbook “Access – The Photo Digest” is conceived as a guide to excite stakeholders concerning accessibility features. In this book, the complete data is present in a picturise format for easy understanding.

Get Here – [Sugamya Bharat Mobile App]

Sugamya Bharat App Related FAQ’s

From which mode Sugamya Bharat App has launched?

Union Minister Thaawarchand Gehlot implemented the Sugamya Bharat mobile application through a video conference.

Sugamya Bharat App is also developed for iOS users?

Till now this application is only for android mobile users but on 15 March 2021, officials will release it for iOS users too.

What particulars are required for Sugamya Bharat mobile app registration?

Details that candidates have to fill while registration is as follows
Name, Contact info, Valid Email id, Gender, UDID No. and Date of birth.

Can I change the password via this application?

Yes, to change password applicants have to login and click on “Change Password” option given under menu section. Next, you have to enter new password & confirm it. Submit the info and your password will change successfully.

What does Handbook (Access – The Photo Digest) involve?

Access – The Photo Digest handbook consists of all details in a picture format. With the help of photographs, people will comprehend things effectively.

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