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International Women’s Day Speech: Women’s day is celebrated around the world, every year to embed an idea of the importance of Women. On International Women’s day, various seminars, programs are arranged to signify the presence and the importance of women. Speeches form a major part of women’s day events.

International Women’s Day

An influential speech is what represents your impact on the audience and puts your agenda at the foremost. Words do have a voice of their own and it matters when you are describing a shared purpose of raising the women power. So, if you are also looking for one of such influential speeches, we have it here for you.

We are here, presenting you a speech on International Women’s Day for anyone addressing the women or representing the women. The speech will help you represent the women power in different aspects and represent our shared purpose.

Speech on International Women’s Day

Good Morning to all the honorable guests, ladies and Gentleman

“It’s a great pleasure to celebrate this International Women’s Day with you all and share my thoughts on this day”.

Women are the real architect of the Society.”

-Harriet Beecher Stowe

As said by Harriet Beecher Stowe, a famous American author, women really do build a society. They build not only themselves but a whole community. Yet history has failed the women many a time to represent what a woman can be. There cannot be just a day to celebrate a woman. Every day should be a day, where we respect the divinity of women.

International women’s day is celebrated every year with huge enthusiasm around the world to celebrate the achievements of women in social, political, economic and other fields of life. Today, women rule almost in every field of life and work at par with men. We cannot deny, that be it at home or at work, they do it all with so much of zeal and ace in each one of it in their own way.

International women’s day was observed for the first time in 1911. Since then, every year on the 8th of March, womanhood is celebrated all around the world, to honour all the astounding women in our lives and all the extraordinary women history has witnessed. This day is particularly observed to acknowledge the achievements of women in various aspects of life.

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International women’s day was created to put forward and express an idea to the world, that each gender deserves to be treated as equal. The day was aimed to present the aspects of the life of women in a man’s world. To create changes in the mindset of the world. To create a positive impact on the world.

But why do we need a Women’s Day?

There’s a need to celebrate a women’s day because women are often subjected to the preconceived perceptions of what they can do and what they cannot. They face biased behaviour of people and statistics show that education availability for women is still lower than men.

Every four out of five women faces harassment at one point in her life. They are so many times likely to be a victim of Domestic Violence and sexual abuse in childhood. More than thirty thousand girls are forced into child marriage every single day and others who get subjected to illegal trafficking and female genocides.

Pay according to gender, continues and men are still allowed to make major decisions about women like abortion. In addition to this, other persisting factors still go unrecognized. So, we clearly need a day to start conversations and open agendas that need global attention.

“We share a common future and we are here to find a common ground so that we may help bring new dignity and respect to women and girls all over the world.”

Hillary Clinton

The journey of Women from protesting on the streets to making the world celebrate International women’s day was not an easy one. We celebrate this day today, only because of the historical footsteps of great women who fought for their rights. So, when did this all women movement, standing up for themselves started? Let me take you back in time to be more grateful for the world you have today.

Women activism or can say, the fight of Women to attain equal rights dates back to the late 1800s when the women of that time was fighting to get the rights to vote for the leader of their choice. Also, there was a demand for the right of women to work and be a part of various training programmes but till that time, the voice of women was treated inconsiderately. Women were not let to put their point and have a say about anything from politics to economics. They were not even allowed to speak at conferences.

So, the first campaign in the journey of providing equal rights to women started on 28th February 1908. An all-women strike by the garment workers, against the working conditions, these women were subjected to. It started with a basic labour movement but the voices of those women left a mark at the beginning of a journey of self-respect.


Several other movements led by the suffragists and suffragettes of the Socialist Party of America in 1911 were witnessed in the western countries. Their movements did make an impact and in 1919, women were given the voting rights because of the support congress got from these women during World War I.

It was only during the era of 1970s, that the long fight for women rights became impactful enough to create an intensified movement. The demand for equal rights became strong, feminist action became powerful and rallying became common ways to express disapproval against the patriarchal laws of Society. A decade after, women started switching roles and fixed themselves into a men’s job, thriving to get considered equivalent to a man and show that the world does not require a gender label to do certain jobs. Well, needless to say, they succeed!

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With the uprise of the new era, in the new millennial, the focus shifted to the organizations and made them more adaptive of women employes. Women were everywhere, in industries, science, politics. There were women conferences and this all-women network hugely enhanced with time. The world progressed, the new visions were adapted and a different insight was given a place.

Major companies started to include female workforce and diversify the organizations, breaking the gender stereotypes and biasing. It was only due to the constant efforts of the women community which paved the path for the acceptance of the other diversified genders and brought it to the attention of people that other gender groups like LGBTQ also deserve the rights similar to each one of us. The world actually started evaluating discrimination.

Women today, definitely live in a better world than the women belonging to history. But there still are things that need to be addressed. Despite all the efforts, still today, an average woman spends double time working as compared to the men, unpaid. They face atrocities of rapes and the intimidations for achieving what they truly desire.

Today, women hold the topmost positions in every sector and play best roles, history will ever witness. Now, men are standing up as allies to work for the upliftment of women which is exactly what women from the 1800s would have imagined a world to be.


Why March 8th?

It was only after the World war II that the International Women’s Day was recognized to be celebrated officially. The date was chosen to be on 8th of March as a day to pay tribute to the great women’s revolution in Russia, which took place on 23 Feb, 1917 (gregorian calendar) i.e., march as per the European calendar. So, the date was chosen. United Nations acknowledged the women’s day officially in 1977, two years after the declaration of International Year of Women. The General Assembly legally adopted the resolution, claiming a UN Day for Women’s Right and International Peace.

Every year the UN sets up a theme for the International Women’s Day. For this year, the United Nations Women has set up the theme as “Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”. The theme covers and recognises the efforts of women and the roles women played during the time of a Global Pandemic.

Women healthcare workers formed an important workforce in providing aid to people suffering a pandemic. The women leaders of countries like New Zealand, Finland, Ethiopia have been recognized widely for their effective decision making and actions to control the Pandemic.

Today, movements like #me too have created a mass movement, where each woman stands up equal to man, without any fear. Women are empowered to say and many women are now in the lead roles but there are still others who get neglected. Women in different areas of life, still feel judged negatively and are largely influenced with the responsibility of caregiving.

So, this International Day, let us all show appreciation, respect and love, to all the incredible women in our lives, be it your mother, wife or a daughter. Let us show, that we are proud of their efforts and pledge to create a world where women do not have to face any affliction!

Thank you

I hope speech on International Women’s Day is a great help to you, you can comment down your thoughts below, on the same. I shall be delighted with your feedback.

Why do we celebrate the Women’s Day?

Women’s Day is celebrated all around the world to honor the women’s in varied fields.

What is the theme for international Women’s Day 2021?

Theme for this year, as declared by the UN is, “Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world

Why do we celebrate International women’s day on 8th March?

The day was chosen as a tribute to the great Russian women’s revolution, which falls on 23 Feb in a gregorian calendar, 8 march as per the European calendar. So, the date of March 8th was chosen.

When were the women granted a right to vote?

It was only during 1917-1919 when the women were finally given a right to vote in Russia and Europe.

When was the first women’s Day celebrated?

The first women’s day is known to be celebrated in 1911, on March 19, as a tribute to the revolution of 1848 where women demanded the right to work.

Which year was the International Women’s Year?

Year 1975, is known to be the International Women’s Year.

When did the United Nations adopt the International Women’s Day?

United Nations recognized the first International women’s day in 1977, to acknowledge the achievements of women.

Is women equality in Sustainable Development Goals?

Yes, Women empowerment forms Goal 5 of the SDGs, to attain gender equality and empowering women and girls as the 2030 Agenda.

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