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Shramik Special Train list: As promised by the Indian Railway they had started the special train service which is called “Shramik special train” and this service is for those who had stranded in various states since the lockdown imposed in the nation. Railway already runs this special service on May 1 before the notice issued from MHA which carries 1200 migrants from Lingalmpalli to Hatia and after this railway has received so many requests from the state chief minister to carry their stranded people in these special Shramik train. And now the railway is going to run five more Shramik special trains whose details are given below. Railways also said that they will run more trains if demanded by the states.

Shramik Special Train List

Update: the railways have issued the notice that their service for the passenger will remain suspended till 17th May and the Shramik train are in operation will be only for migrants workers.

Shramik Special Trains | Important Points

  • As the special Shramik train runs for only the stranded passenger so railways will accept only those passengers which were brought and felicitated by the state government.
  • No other group or any individual is allowed to come to the station.
  • These special trains are being run only after the request of the state government.
  • All other passenger trains and the suburban train will remain suspended until further notice.
  • No ticket will be sold at any station
  • Railways are not going to run any other train except these Shramik trains which are being run only after accepting a request from the state government.
  • No one should consider a fake rumor of resuming train service.

Shramik Express Special Trains For UP and Bihar State Today 3rd May

As the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) that these special trains will run only for the people who are stranded and listed their name in the registration portal of their respective states and no other passengers will allow to board in these special trains.

It is to be noted that no ticket counter is going to open for this so do not make any chaos at the ticket counter and only registered people will be allowed to travel . However railways has said that the migrant labor need to pay the charges of the ticket and the fare amount for a regular sleeper class + Rs 30 superfast charge and additional 20 Rs will be charge meanwhile the railways also stated that state could coordinate and pay for their passengers.

The railways have said that these special trains will be run after the mutual understanding between the state and they need to request for this. Last night one such train has left the station from Nashik to Uttar Pradesh and in this around 847 migrants were carried and this is the first train which was ferrying migrant workers to UP.

Shramik Special Train List and Route

The train which is going to be run for some state in coming days their list hs been given below:

  • Maharashtra (Nasik) to Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow)
  • Kerala (Aluva) to Odisha (Bhubaneshwar)
  • Maharashtra (Nasik) to  Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal)
  • Rajasthan (Jaipur) to Bihar (Patna)
  • Rajasthan (Kota) to Jharkhand (Hatia)

For Today 3rd May 2020 Special Majdur Trains

  • जयपुर (राजस्थान) से पटना (बिहार) 1200
  • तिरुअनंतपुरम (केरल) से हटिया (झारखंड) 1200
  • साबरमती (गुजरात) से आगरा (यूपी) 
  • नासिक (महाराष्ट्र) से भोपाल (मध्य प्रदेश) 347
  • कोटा (राजस्थान) से हटिया (झारखंड) 1000
  • नासिक (महाराष्ट्र) से लखनऊ (यूपी) 850
  • लिंगमपल्ली (तेलंगाना) से हटिया (झारखंड) 1140
  • एर्नाकुलम (केरल) से भुवनेश्वर (ओडिशा) 1200

Railways also said that if they received further requests from any states then they are ready to run more trains

Trains list which will run for Bihar state (source Hindustan)

  • Ernakulum to Danapur (2nd May)
  • Thrissur (Kerala) to Danapur (2nd May)
  • Bengaluru Danapur special to Danapur (3rd May)
  • Bengaluru Danapur workers special to danapur (3rd May)
  • Kota Barauni special to Barauni (3rd May)
  • Kota Gaya special to Gaya (3rd May)

Shramik Special Trains Guidelines

There are few guidelines related to the Shramik special train which we have given below:

  • The movement of a group of people from one state to another will only be done by railway on their mutual understanding and they must consult each other before the movement of the rail.
  • The state which was sending the passenger needs to finalize the requirement of the train once they consult with the receiving state.
  • Each Shramik train will run non-stop and it will not stop at any station.
  • The train will run only for more than 500 Km distance between the station of states.
  • The train will be run in their full-length capacity and after maintaining the social distancing the occupancy of the seats should not be less than 90%.
  • All passengers will be screened by the sending state and only such passengers will be allowed who are asymptomatic and in this, the originating state must provide the certificate to the railway.
  • The passenger will bring at the railway station in batches by the state to the station.
  • The origination state must provide enough security to ensure that only those passengers will be allowed who are listed by the states.
  • The passenger will be carried by the state department officials and handover the list of the passenger which must have the name, mobile number, and address of the passenger.
  • The state government will provide the food packets and drinking water to the passenger.
  • The passenger must cover their face with a mask.
  • The state sending the passenger must encourage all passengers to download the Aarogya setu app on their mobile.
  • If the journey is of more than 12 hours then one meal will be provided by the railways to all passengers.
  • If at any stage it is found that the rule and protocol are not being followed properly by the states then the operation of the train will be suspended.
  • The railway print the train ticket for the required destination according to the number of passengers and the state may collect the train fare and handover it to the railways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the date and time of the special Shramik train for Uttar Pradesh?

The train time and date will be announced by the official to every individual through their registered mobile number and if you want to know more about the date and time then you must contact to the state authority helpline numbers

Do we need to pay the Shramik Special Train ticket fare?

Yes, you need to pay the ticket fare.

How we will reach the station?

The state will provide you transportation for reaching the station.

Do we need to buy the Shramik Special Train ticket at the ticket counter?

No, the ticket counter will be closed all such service will be done in the coaches.

What about the food do we get any food?

Yes, the state sent you will provide you the food packet and water bottles.

Will the railway also provide us the food?

The railway will provide you food only in such a case if the distance of the journey is more than 12 hours.

For how many days we will be kept in quarantine?

It depends on the state you are going because some state will keep you for 14 days and some will for 21 days.

Does railway will start their service for the other passengers also?

No, the railway suspended their service till 17th Mayspecial-shramik-train

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