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Kerala BevQ App download: Kerala is going to begin liquor sales in their state from Thursday the first time since the shops have been shut down due to a nationwide lockdown implemented in March 2020.

Latest Update-: From Now onwards customers can buy liquor directly from the shop without any prior booking in BevQ App and along with this the beverage corporation has asked the government to remove the app with immediate effect.

To maintain the social distancing around the shop the state government has launched the Kerala BevQ mobile app through which people will get the virtual token to avoid the crowd. The liquor store in the state will open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Kerala BevQ App

Latest: To buy liquor in Kerala, the state has launched the BevQ app where a buyer needs to register in the application then only they can buy liquor from the nearby stores.

BEVCO Q APP: Do you know you can book your next slot after 4 days of the last slot booked by you?

The Kerala State Beverages Limited has launched the new mobile application for their people from which they can book their virtual queue slot and from this, the government wanted to avoid the long queues outside the shop and this will help them to maintain the physical distance.

For this, the Kerala government allowed around 301 outlets which are under the Kerala state beverages corporation along with this they had also permitted 576 bars, and also 291 beer and wine parlors in the state so that people can purchase liquor easily.

Do you know the slot booking timing window will open between 6 AM to 10 PM?

Bev q app Liquor booking timing

The people who wanted to buy liquor need to register first in the application and the slot booking timing will commence from 6 in the morning and it will be available till 10 PM. So if you want to book the earliest slot then you need to be ready early in the morning when the booking window will start.


BevQ App Download play store link

The Kerala government has prepared themself before they are going to open the liquor store in the state because they are aware from the situation that other states faced and they know if they open their stores without any planning then it’s going to be a herculean task for their police force to control the crowd because in almost every state we have seen people are violating the norms while purchasing the liquor.

And after contemplating in all ideas Kerala government also launch a similar portal as Delhi Government did. The Kerala government has launched a mobile app known as Kerala BevQ app in which people need to register themselves and can book their virtual slots in the queue to the nearby store and from this, they will refrain from long queues.

BEVQ APP Use: Do you know for every slot booking every customer needs to pay 50 paise for a token generation?

An overview of Kerala BEVCO App

Authority nameKerala state beverages corporation
Article categoryKerala BevQ application
Registration modeThrough the app, by SMS
Shop timing9 AM to 5 PM
Slot booking timing6 AM to 10 PM
Next slot AvailabilityAfter 4 days
Bev q App download platformAndroid users
Bevco q Application link
Official website

Kerala Liquor Booking through SMS

The user can also book their slot by sending SMS from their mobile because there are so many people who do not have a smartphone and they cannot install an application in their phone so they just need to send an SMS whose formatting is given below and their slot details will send them by SMS. The number will be released by the department soon.

If you want to order slot for liquor then you need to send SMS in the format given below

(<BL>space<pin code>space<name>)

Or those who wanted to order Beer or wine then they need to send SMS as


And if the slot is available then you will receive the text for the same on your mobile number

How to BevQ App download from the play store?

  • As the BevQ application is available on the play store so you need to first open the play store on your mobile.
  • Now you need to type BevQ app on its search bar.
  • Now select result appears to you.
  • After that press the install button.
  • Once the app was successfully installed in your phone press open tab.
  • Now the first step in the application is that you need to enter your details in it.
  • And need to select the checkbox if you agree with the terms and condition of the application
  • Now booking outlet window will open where you need to select the type of beverage in it and enter your area Pincode.
  • Once you press the tab of a book your time slot then a window will open that will tells information about the confirmation of your booking
  • Which contain a QR code, and details submitted at the time of registration.
  • And once the booking was confirmed visit the shop at the time allotted to you.
  • Once you reached the store the QR code will be verified by the department at the store and after being verified you can purchase the liquor.
Download BevQ App here

Kerala Liquor Bevco Q important points

  • The sale of liquor in the state will be only made through the virtual queue and for this, the department has launched the bevco q mobile application.
  • Customers need to register in the application and need to book their slots and once slot allotted then they need to visit the shop at the given time.
  • No liquor can be sold without a token issued from the virtual system.
  • The quantity of liquor to one person cannot exceed the limit issued by the department i.e. 3 litres per person
  • Customer can book their next slot after the completion of 4 days, it means he will be eligible to purchase liquor on the 5th day.
  • All stores must sell liquor in a parcel and the bottle must be sealed.
  • The sale of the liquor will be done between 9 AM to 5 PM.
  • The virtual slot can be booked between 6 AM to 10 PM through the application.
  • More than 5 people are not allowed outside the liquor shops.
  • No liquor will be sold in red or containment zones of the state.
  • Every shop owner will update their stock so that customers will not face any problem regarding the particular brand.

Bevq Frequently Asked Question

What is the name of the application launched by the Kerala Government for the virtual queue system?

The app launched by the Kerala government for VQM is ‘BevQ’

Where I can download the kerala liquor online booking app?

The BevQ app can be downloaded from the google play store.

What is the timing of the sale of liquor in Kerala state?

The liquor will be sold in the state between 9 AM to 5 PM.

What is the timing of booking the virtual slot in the application?

You can book your virtual slot between 6 AM to 10 PM through the BevQ app.

How will I get to know about my liquor booking?

Once you successfully submit the details the slot will be automatically booked if it was available and its SMS and a QR code will be sent to you.

Within how many days I can book my next kerala liquor slot?

On every 5th days of the previous booking, you can book your new slot.

Does the government charge customers for the liquor token generation?

Yes, every customer will be charged by 50 paise from the government.

How many people are allowed in a liquor queue?

Only five people were allowed one time at the shop.

What is the status of the BEVQ application now?

As the outbreak of COVID-19 is in control. Therefore, now applicants can buy liquor directly from the store without booking it.

If you have any question related to Kerala BEVCO q Online Booking, ask us below. bev q app

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  3. The app is showing connection error. Secondly once booked four days ago,on the purticular day the app is not showing the etoken


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