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Essay on Republic Day 2021

Essay on Republic Day 2022

With patriotic fervour and pride, on 26th January, each Indian fills his heart with immense respect and love for his motherland. Being the sons of India, each year on Republic day, one unfolds the hues of saffron, pure white and divine green with salutes and tribute. Past back it was on this day of 1950, that the Indian Republic along with its constitution came into being. On this very day, Hindi was finally made the official language of this Nation. Unrolling the Indian Tricolour in Lahore 1930, the articulation of an independent Indian National Congress is the nutshell cause, our former Prime Minister made beautiful memories with vibrant radiating love for the nation.

Well, the 2021 Republic Day seems to be a bit different from the other years of celebration. Each year India celebrates this day in the capital of India, Delhi, with parades, ceremonies and moments of happiness. In contrast to this year, the pandemic COVID-19 had spread its devastating arms with a motto to harm the masses. Get to together, gatherings that would lead to its transmission refrained people from doing so. And they locked themselves up in the four-walled edifices of cement. But India seems to struggle and win the battle of this virus because she bears her courageous sons in her bosom. The warrior doctors, the nurses, the cleaners who are till day on the battlefield challenging the virus show us a New Dimension. The technology has so advanced itself that India has built itself a digital state in this COVID 19 war. A change has evolved in each aspect we look forward to and every minute thing done is maintained with safety.

Each year, at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, a magnificent grandeur awaits in store for us. The event is commenced with the Prime Minister, with the lightning of the Diya, better known as Amar Jawan Jyoti as a symbol of vigour commemorating all the valiant freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country. This year too, the celebration would take place but with the norms and rules of social Distancing that would help us fight the deadly virus easily by being safe and healthy. This year too, the President is expected, to unfurl the National Flag synchronised with beats of Jana Gana Mana is the National anthem with a 21 gun salute. All the Parades commenced with the salute of the President, also titled as the Commander in chief of the Armed forces, at the patriotic fiesta will seem to maintain the distancing norms and perfect sanitization. Unlike, every year the laurels may be presented later to the armed forces as it may lead to contamination.

Each state is required to present tableaus as a representation of progress and its unique festivals. It is decided that this year too, a similar process would be followed but not many people would be allowed. A set or in a batch they will be set to visit the exhibition of multiculturalism and unity in diversity to plump the ambience with a safe cum self-care.

The COVID 19 seemed to have taught equality and a beautiful challenging aspect of life. It has tied up all those working people who fastened up the girls or the housewives at their homes for years.  It is at this point of time that fetched their mind with the thought that staying at home, at every point, being a party or an important event and carrying a fear at the back of their minds is not an easy task to do. Carrying this note in the grey matters always makes us remind that our Motherland is so strong like a tea bag that when dipped in tea, it’s strength could be viewed.

Coming to the angelic event of Republic Day, 2022, the children are barred from attending the event physically.

Unlike the past years, when the children are presented the National Bravery Award because of the elephant ride, this time they have been advised to stay home and enjoy the event through digital means. This time the fiesta would have cultural dances and songs of patriotism but no student or Child will physically be present there. Everyone has to participate online and the festival recording would either be live on YouTube or on the Google meet. As the immunity does not be so faced with a pandemic, the gems of our country are preserved at their home safely.

The flypast being the Center of gravity of the Parade would be a live web cast in order to let view the country the beautiful moment sitting at their home sweet home. Every year this being a gazetted holiday it is made available digitally to all those who wish to have a glimpse of the event. And the exclusive footage is available to the officials and this year the whole of it is seemed to be put on the Internet.

The COVID has run down the economy of India due to which the market has fallen down. All the working places have closed but India seems to have an experience of it while she was fighting for her independence. A smaller-scale celebration with the prime motto to hold our hearts high at every crucial moment and that to unite together to unfurl the Tricolour with total safety.

All the other states too will also fabricate this auspicious event with flag hoisting, speeches and a prayer to win over the pandemic and revive our people with boosting immunity.

This year too, on Republic Day, the three-day flight of fancy is expected to see at the India gate with a less crowding of people distanced socially. As with tricolour new clothes are to be worn every year, this year we worked to add an outfit of decorative masks and learn to celebrate with safety.

A mesmerising event that centrifies the attention of the audience, is the Lok Tarang. Assuming it to be a digital one due to pandemic, the National Folk Dance Festival caters to the multihued shades, radiance and forms from nook and corner of the country.

With having privileges we also have some responsibilities. We need to serve our duties as the right thing for our school, community and even our nation. Caring and following the government rules are just not always a matter of education and civilisation. It is just that we care for our motherland, pledge to save her from the worst of circumstances and bring back her safety divinity and her rich heritage and culture as the children of the nation.

Being caging for the country, wearing masks, maintaining distance is not that we always save ourselves or that when we look at the flag, it’s just the tricolour that comes into our eyes. It is something greater, a feeling of benevolence and love for humanity, cry for fraternity and that this tricolour is a symbol of what the country is based on.

Enhancing the life quality and digging out the best of the person that its motherland facilitates. The passion to work selflessly to make this nation a better place to live in, An abundant loss had been incurred in the country due to the pandemic. India lost so many of her sons suffering from it. But still, as the brotherhood remains, as we still wear masks and sanitise ourselves to see a better tomorrow.

The novel virus globed through its fastest rhythm had consequenced the economic recession, a mesh to the global governance, and isolationist sentiment. Being new to human history if we hold our hands together and light up the fire, we surely are able to find a way from scratch and bring wonderful joyous once again to our loving nation.

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