Essay About Myself and My Personality, Introduction, For College, Future Planning and Career

Essay About Myself – Introduction: One of the interesting tasks we are asked to do is to write about ourselves. We all are unique and writing about ourselves helps us to discover our quality in a more better manner. Discovering our qualities and helping us to know about ourselves and Sharing it to the world is a matter of capability. When we try to pull down about ourselves, we should be planned about what we are looking forward to. One can choose to explore about their meritorious capabilities, at times they can range it to hobbies and talents and if they want they can make it a boost of their motivation. One is not expected to deviate while converting their ideas about themselves.

Essay for Primary School

My name is Rita and I hail from Gorakhpur. I come from a Hindu family and presently I am a school girl. Being in standard one, I am always cared and nurtured by my family.Presently, I am in Delhi Public school.

my father is an office man and my mother is a schoolteacher. We are two siblings and my elder brother is in class five. My brother and I go to the same school. My brother is very supporting and my family is very caring towards me. I am the apple of an eye of my parents.

Essay about Myself

I have a passion towards singing. A lot of laurels and awards have been bagged by me in singing competitions. Also I have a passion towards painting and won prizes in that too. I love to play with colours and imagine myself in the world of splashed colours.

I am a very persistent and dedicated person. Failures are my pillars to success and I always get motivated by my failures. I am always truthful to my parents and I always try to be consistent in my studies. As a Child, I love to explore and go to various excursions and visit the whole world.

Life is a journey of ups and downs. If we don’t say good today then we must expect that we are to see that good the next day or very soon. We should never discourage ourselves. Therefore during life always try to praise why you are living and for what purpose you are living and try to be always punctual.

Essay For Middle School

I am Rishab, Dwelling in the city of historical significance, Delhi. At present, I am in the Krishna Public school, and I am a schoolboy in standard six.When you look into my family, you get to see that we are two siblings of our parents. Our family bunch Comprises my sister my father, my loving mother and my grandparents.My father is a scientist where is my mother is a schoolteacher. A lot of caring moments and candid love is always what I get from everyone in my family.. Physically I am fit and a good-looking person and have a very strict personality. And I love to study and studying in one of the reputed institutions of Delhi has always nurtured me to be motivated to words future.

I am a very consistent and persistent boy of my class. Being a very dedicated student I always stand first in my class and I also bag many awards.I polish my soft skills and my ethics in such a manner that it becomes a sole part of myself.

I always try to keep a very helping nature and helps my classmates with love and dedication. Moreover I always try to keep myself very punctual and I feel very blessed whenever I get a chance to help others in poor people. Some virtues have been incorporated in me by my school and helping is one of them.

As my school organises a bunch of fests and I am an active participant of it,I have taken part in a number of quizzes debates and tabloids.

At present I love to study storybooks and as a pastime I am learning cycling so that I can keep myself free of any disease. One should do a lot of sports in order to keep oneself healthy. A healthy mind works better that I’m healthy one. So it is very important to keep yourself healthy in order to get focused.

My school always aims at the holistic development of a student and it always looks into the fact that we develop both morally as well as academically. It is always a part of learning that you try to inculcate virtues in yourself from saying on truth and remaining and honest person.To get very responsible and to adhere to your duties is your responsibility and it is what our school teachers us.

I am fond of watching various movies and I love to dance. I have learnt many forms of dance ranging from hip-hop and break. I aspire to Become a scientist just like my father and want to work for my country. I love to research on undiscovered things of this world and try to bring out something unique.

Being a lover of various dances and also taking a huge interest in quizzes, I have taken part in many of them and bagged many awards and laurels bringing Order to my school and pride to my family. Cricket is also one of my past time and I love to do outdoor activities as it keeps you fit and fine. I love to spend time with my friends and talk with them in various issues.

Life is a jar of both happiness as well as sadness. Getting always success is not what we get to see therefore, one needs to keep oneself always motivated to the highest level. Followed the footprints of great men so that you never get discouraged and keep yourself focused to your goal.

I am always thankful and grateful to my family and my friends for making me keep myself so humble and helping me always in all ups and downs and trying to show me the goal amongst the bunch of cloudy weather.

Essay For Board Examination

Hailing from the city of Joy, I am Neha from Kolkata.Presently I am in class 10th and preparing for my board examination. I am in one of the prestigious institutions of Kolkata and studying in La Martiniere school for girls.This prestigious institution have always kept me motivated and encouraged by self towards working for the betterment of the society as well as for your development of your inner self.

Being flawless is the nature of a human being. But it is practically impossible therefore trying to set your own trend is what is to be defined as your capability. Your family is one of the backbone and support which helps you stand in today’s cutthroat competition.

My father is an engineer and my mother is a doctor. Loving their profession is one of the Loveliest inspiration of mine. I am the only child of my parents and that leads to the fact that I have been always scared by my family to the fullest extent. They have always made me motivated and make me learn from my failures.My school has a great regard in my holistic development and whatever I am today is just because of my family and friends and my school. My teachers have always taught me to be energetic and full of positive vibes. Each day we should start with a new hope.

I am a bookworm I am I love to spree on various types of novels as well as classic literature. I love to go through Indian history and to take a deep interest in knowing about it.

Also I am very fond of novels and love to read Shakespearean dramas and write poems of my choice. Learning guitar is one of my recent past times I have focused into.

To be honest, I also remain in the social media and love to play online games and racing cars. One of the favourite games Which I love to play now a days is the 3-D racing car and the online Ludo game. I invite lots of friends while playing it and together we make a very good score. I also love to spend time on the social media and try to post various important facts in my Instagram account.

 Friends are a very important part of your life.Without them it is very impossible for you to carry on in this busy life.They are there with you at every up and down and a friend in need is a friend indeed. One of my best friends is Neema who always stays with me for motivation and courage. Even if it is a small help from taking class notes to eating together, Neema has always been a very important part of my life.

Coming to my mother, who has always been an inspiration to me is an utmost epitome of my role model. I aspire to become like her and therefore I always try to follow her rules and principles. Upliftment of the society is what we should do when we learn to grow big. Imparting education is today’s cause of concern to all the society.

No one is perfect in this busy life and everyone is trying hard to achieve their goals in this world. Therefore as a student I should try my hardest to focus on my studies and to help in the betterment of the society so that I can serve my nation and uphold the virtues of tolerance peace and love. You should learn from my mistakes and try to polish ourselves in each and every flaw we come across. Encouraging ourselves and always following the footprints of great men has been the epitome of a successful person. One should also learn time management because time is something which doesn’t wait for anyone and it is unbiased.

Mingle yourself with time management, persistent and remaining consistent and then swirl on into the world of focus and see how you get to find your goals very soon.

Essay For Senior School and College

Every person is unique in his own way.It is said by the famous poet Milton that God sends  every one in this world with some potential and some noble purpose to serve. Now the question is whether are we aware of the special quality that we possess or not. In this respect,I am quite conscious of the potential that I have.Initially,  I did not know that my regard to science was a little perfect.I came to know that once I was awarded Ist position in science quiz held in other school.Not only in quiz competition but also in science project competitions whenever I was sent,I brought some prizes.That helped me to identify my area of interest.

Myself, Shreya hailing from Bihar and presently pursuing BTech in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of technology, Kanpur. Moreover, I am a proficient as well as a capable and confident person. I have learnt to be courageous at the situations from my father and therefore I I always keep myself motivated.

My father is a businessman and My mother is a housewife. I have learnt to be very hard-working as well as passionate about my career from very core. I have been trained to be always focused to my passion and as a result I loved exploring science and its concepts.

My mother always motivated me and transformed me to have a good vision about my future and thereby she told me to work from very first in order to catch hold of your dreams. Along with time management as well as passion I have learnt how to be punctual and dedicated.

The contribution has been done by my friends, family as well as my school. Past in my school days I was always motivated to discover myself and to know what I am actually good in. I participated in various quizzes and competitions and got a number of awards and laurels. Pretty satisfied with my surroundings and I’m really grateful to God for having a supportive ambience all together in my life.

I have two brothers. One of my brother is presently in the fourth year of BTech and my elder brother is in a PSU pursuing his job. Both of them are excellent in studies and they are the source of inspiration in my life. At every point of my life they motivated me and always encourage me even if I failed at any point.

It is true said that ambience judge your capability. Seeing my father to be very punctual and dedicated to his profession and my mother to be always caring to the people I have always tried to keep myself to be a very helpful and humble person.

My school has always given me a holistic development and helps in building my personality with my strong soft skills. It made me lead to have a strong integrity and dignity towards my character and my personality.

I never pursued bookish knowledge and it is certainly true that only book doesn’t lets you have a sufficient experience and knowledge about the practical world. Training myself as a singer, dancer and always keeping myself balanced with career and focus I had finally reached where I am today. Recently I am also learning a new course on yoga and I keep trying to win on it too.

Your future is decided by what you do today and it is the power of the present that helps you show your future. If you start becoming lazy and stop doing actions in the present a dream about your future then it is at the call of the hour that time will never wait for you and you will always be a loser.

Life is  a jar of opportunities. If you open the chat you will see that like butterflies the opportunities fly all around yourself it is just the batter that you need to catch it and you need to protect that opportunity in order to look as beautiful as a butterfly.

It’s always not necessary to only complain about life that it has not given you anything rather than finding out what it has actually in store for you. God has given potential to everyone and it is in our hands how we use it. We are the masters and we other designers. We weave our present in order to see a beautiful design in the future.

We shouldn’t be dumb and deaf cattle sitting behind and Looking around like losers. We should be like warriors and fight for each and every battle field that we come across. As a role model I had always look for the freedom fighters and I always dream to be like them because it is their energy and vitality which lead into the independence of India.

Therefore it is in our hands, how we master ourselves in order to look into a beautiful future. Keep ourselves motivated and focused and stop wasting the time. Consistency and perseverance is the key to success in fact. Best of luck to all of my friends.


How to write about ourselves?

One of the interesting tasks we are asked to do is to write about ourselves. We all are unique and writing about ourselves helps us to discover our quality in a more better manner. Discovering our qualities and helping us to know about ourselves and Sharing it to the world is a matter of capability. When we try to pull down about ourselves, we should be planned about what we are looking forward to. One can choose to explore about their meritorious capabilities, at times they can range it to hobbies and talents and if they want they can make it a boost of their motivation. One is not expected to deviate while converting their ideas about themselves.

What is the mode of writing about ourselves?

Introduce Specific pattern in writing about ourselves. Introduce about yourself and your family and your careers and your role model in your life.

What is the pattern to follow your writing and what should be kept in mind?

  1. Introduction
  2. About yourself
  3. About your family
  4. Your career
  5. Your role model
  6. Your message

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