Eco-Friendly Diwali Ideas; Unique ways to celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali

Eco-Friendly Diwali Ideas: India is one of the countries which loves to celebrate multiple types of festivals throughout the year. Diwali or some say it Deepawali is also one of the festivals that is celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy by all the citizens of India. Diwali is considered a propitious Hindu festival. The time of the year at which the Diwali festival is scheduled to be in the new moon of Kartik month which falls after 20 days of the Dussehra celebration. This festival lasts for 5 days beginning from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj. This year, the Deepawali festival will be celebrated on the 24th of October,2022.

Eco Friendly Ideas about DIwali

In recent years we have seen that the trend of firecrackers has become less as compared to the decade before. People are seeking different ways to celebrate this festival or rather we should say that folks are moving towards Eco-Friendly Diwali. The burning of firecrackers leads to Air Pollution that reduces the air quality leading to many fatal health hazards. Therefore, people are moving towards Eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali. Thus, we will also provide some ideas in the forthcoming paragraphs to celebrate Diwali in an eco-friendly way.

Blanket Ban on Firecrackers

For many years, firecrackers have been burnt by young children and people of our country to light up the sky.No doubt, the burning of firecrackers looks attractive and amusing too but it should be noted that it causes many types of health hazards that cause many fatal health problems to the people. One of the things that happen after the burning of crackers is air pollution. Due to air pollution, asthma patients have a hard time dealing with this awful situation. According to the experts, the crackers burnt on Diwali release pollutants that reduce air quality.

Diwali Fire Crackers

The Burning of firecrackers also causes noise pollution which seriously threatens the pet dogs as well as the street dogs forcing them to take shelter under parked cars. The burns caused by the burning crackers are not things to be ignored. Every year many children and youths get serious burns on their hands and body parts. Furthermore, the remains of the firecrackers also pollute the water supplies to our homes. After analysing so many harmful effects of burning firecrackers, everyone should agree with us that there should be a ban on burning firecrackers and should move towards an eco-friendly Diwali this year. It is surely an Eco-Friendly Diwali Idea.

Prefer Terracotta Diyas

A great idea about moving towards Eco-friendly Diwali is to buy the plain terracotta diyas instead of the diyas that are painted with metallic paint. However, the metallic painted diyas look attractive to buy and must be great to decorate homes. But the metallic paint when comes in contact with the oil and heat becomes toxic to the surrounding. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that the plain and simple terracotta diyas are best to use providing one of the Eco-Friendly Diwali Ideas to celebrate Diwali.

Taerracota Diyas

Diwali Rangolis made of Rice Powders

Preparing Rangolis in Diwali is part of the culture in every household. It adds more enthusiasm and happiness to the people. It is like adding flavours in a dish made by a person. However, Rangoli is made by using different synthetic powders and chemicals that pollute the environment. Instead of using these harmful powders, a person can also use powders made up of rice that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Also, another way of making rangolis is by petals of different flowers. It will add a beautiful fragrance to the environment as well as be biodegradable.

Diwali Rangoli

Environment-Friendly Gifts

Exchanging gifts on Diwali is part of Indian culture. Many gifts are given and received by people. The gift items included sweets that can be hazardous to diabetic patients as well as to children. Therefore, these gifts can be replaced by wooden artefacts or artefacts made up of terracotta. Other gifts can be paintings made locally by hand. Another idea for eco-friendly gifts can be seeds or saplings. These eco-friendly ideas can be game changers or trendsetters for the rest of the people. One should also not wrap their gifts as generally the materials used in Wrapping the items involves plastic and as said plastic is the most harmful thing for the environment.

Using Utensils that are Biodegradable

On the occasion of Diwali, many people organize a party in their home that involves decorations and inviting people for dinner. Therefore, instead of using plastic crockeries, we should use crockeries made up of steel and copper. It can be reused and if people want to use crockeries for use and throw purposes then in today’s market there are plenty of options available for crockery that is made up of biodegradable material. These items can be easily composted. Plastic crockeries are not easy to decompose which is why not advisable to use for the sake of the environment.

Using LED Lights and Diyas

For decorating our home with lights, we use bulbs of decent size. These bulbs consume electricity of decent units. Therefore, we should use LED lights instead of it. It consumes less amount of energy. People can also use normal diyas but not candles because diyas can be used again but the candles are one-time use material. Furthermore, the candle is a petroleum-based product and a lesser-known fact is that it releases toxins while burning which deteriorates the quality of air or the oxygen we are breathing in. These toxins include formaldehyde, lead and benzene which is known for the threat it provides to human as well as to the environment.

Diwali LED Lights

Donating the Old Stuff

We all have our old clothes that are good to wear but are not in use now. These old clothes can be given to poor people as it will protect them in the winter. The Occasion of Diwali is the best time to donate your clothes as Diwali teaches us to spread happiness and joy among the people. People also have their textbooks not used anymore these things can also be given to the underprivileged so that they can make the most of it.

Most importantly, we should teach all the above-mentioned Eco-Friendly Diwali Ideas to our children as well to our siblings so that they do contribute to making our Diwali more eco-friendly. They should be made aware of the health hazards these firecrackers cause to people and also the burns it causes to stray dogs and animals because empathy is one of the important teachings that is taught by Lord Shree Ram.

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