Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction – Rectify Errors in the Certificate

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction, Rectify Errors in the Certificate: The vaccination drive against the lethal coronavirus is in momentum. Each day, many citizens across the country are getting themselves vaccinated to lessen the chances of being infected with the virus. As proof of the vaccination, the central government is issuing a COWIN Vaccine Certificate to people after each dose. But, there are always chances of errors in the details mentioned on the certificate issued. Therefore, the authorities have now come up with an online facility for such citizens to rectify the errors in their certificates and update them.

In the following post, we have detailed down the information on the Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction and how to rectify these errors online. Scroll down the page for more and detailed information on the same.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction

Cowin Vaccination Certificate is issued to every vaccinated citizen after taking a dose of the preferred vaccine. Now, there are chances of the errors, such as spelling mistakes, incorrect date of birth, or Aadhaar card number imprinted on the certificate. The authorities have now made a provision of correcting these errors on your certificate.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction – Rectify Errors in the Certificate

It is very important to have the correct information mentioned on the Vaccine Certificate as in the coming days, it will be required for international travel purposes. It will serve as proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 and having a very slight chance of being afflicted with the same.

Hence, the authorities have started the online facility of error rectification. The procedure to do the same is very easy. Citizens can update their vaccine certificates through the Cowin web portal. All the details regarding the same have been summarized in the article below.

COVID Vaccination Certificate

After taking each dosage of the preferred vaccine amongst Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V, a COVID Vaccine Certificate is issued to the individual. It contains a 13-digit beneficiary Reference ID. This reference ID is unique and is very essential. Citizens must keep their certificates in a safe and secure place. The following details will be mentioned on the COVID Vaccination Certificate.

  • Name of the Individual
  • Age and Gender
  • Beneficary Reference ID
  • Name of the vaccine used
  • Date of each dosage intake
  • Details of the Health official
  • Name of the Vaccination facility

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How to correct errors in the Cowin Vaccine Certificate?

If there is an error in any of the above-mentioned detail, it can be corrected and updated online through the Cowin web portal. The procedure for the same has been described below in detail. Follow these steps for the error correction in your Covid Vaccination Certificate.

  • Step I:- Firstly, you need to visit the official website of the Cowin web portal. The link is provided below.
  • Step II:- Its homepage will appear. From there, the applicants must click on the “Register/ Sign In” tab.
  • Step III:- Since the registration process is already completed for the vaccinated applicants, hence, there is no need to register again.
  • Step IV:- Enter your mobile number used while registering. An OTP will be received on the given mobile number.
  • Step V:- Use the OTP for the verification. After that, click on the “Verify and Proceed” icon to continue.
  • Step VI:- With this, your sign-in process is complete. Your profile will be shown on the screen.
  • Step VII:- On the new page that opens, tap on the “Raise an Issue” tab available.
  • Step VIII:- Clicking on it will descend a list. From the list, choose the option of “Get Your Certificate Corrected”.
  • Step IX:- A new page to correct the details will open. Change the information that you wish to update with the correct details.
  • Step X:- Verify the details once again and save the changes. At last, click on the “Continue” button.

Note:- It must be ensured that all the details are corrected at once because no further requests to rectify the errors in your Cowin Vaccine Certificate will be accepted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rectify errors in my Cowin Vaccination Certificate?

You can correct your mistakes in the vaccination certificate easily through the official website of the Cowin web portal. Details regarding the same have been discussed in the article.

What details can be corrected in the Cowin Vaccine Certificate?

One can correct his/ her Name, Date of Birth, provided photo ID number, and gender in the issued vaccination certificate.

I corrected my name but forgot to change the Date of Birth in my Cowin Vaccine Certificate. Can I update the certificate again?

No, only one chance is provided to an individual for the error correction. Not more requests of error rectification after one chance is entertained. You can contact the concerned authorities to resolve the issue.

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