BF.7 Covid Variant; Symptoms, Precautions, and What we know so far!

BF.7 Covid Variant: A new variant of the Omicron virus has been detected in India very recently. The same variant has been responsible for the lethal and latest wave in China which has haunted the entire country. This has run a wave of complete fear not only in minds of the Indian people but also in the government. As the world aces to another year, a new Covid wave can be very harmful. The variant of the Covid Virus which is a sub-variant of the variant Omicron is known as BF.7.

In fact, it is a sub-lineage for the variant BF.5. This requires a very considerable amount of precautionary measures and there are multiple facts, rumours, and much more information that are doing rounds on the internet.

BF.7 Covid Variant
Details of BF.7 Mutation of the Coronavirus

Will life be again locked seriously like it was back in 2020 and 2021, this is still a conundrum. Here in the subsequent article, we have provided the details pertaining to the BF.7 Covid Variant, its Symptoms, Precautions, Causes, Transmissibility, and much more.

BF.7 Covid Variant: What we know so far!

A total of four cases of the latest BF.7 or BF. Covid Variants have been detected so far in India. These cases have been found in the states of Gujarat and Odisha. Three patients have been reported in the former while there is one patient in the latter. This variant has been dominating the land of China with its latest wave which has been very dangerous. Further, the cases have also been reported in countries such as France, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Belgium. The variant is a sub-lineage of the Covid Variant BF.5 of the Omicron.

There is a surge in covid cases that can be expected observing the trends in the nation of China. The virus is highly transmissible. There are higher risks of re-infection and it is expected that the vaccinated prospects will not be able to protect themselves longer from this particular virus variant.

Common Symptoms of the BF.7 variant

Not much is known about the BF.7 variant of the Omicron COVID Virus. It has been observed that this variant has very similar kind of symptoms to that of the BF.5. The prospects who are suffering from this variant shall be feeling feverish initially as they did in the case of other variants. This shall be further marked by a cough, sore throat, fatigue, body pain, running nose, diarrhoea, and a feeling of puking. Patients who have a weaker immunity system are very likely to develop a serious illness or infection in the lungs due to this particular sub-lineage of the Omicron virus.

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Transmissibility of BF.7 Corona Virus

The sudden surge of Covid that has been witnessed in China is suspected to be fueled by the newly detected variant of the Coronavirus. This variant denoted by BF.7, is observed to be more transmissible and faster as compared to previously detected mutations. The reproduction number of this particular variant is 10 to 18.6. This simply implies that a person from this variant is very likely to transmit the virus to people between the count 10 to 18.6.

Furthermore, there is a very considerably substantial chance that the virus can easily defeat vaccinations and can infect vaccinated individuals. As compared to the original variant, D614G, the BF.7 has a 4.4-fold higher neutralisation resistance. This indicates that the mutation is much stronger and safer against the antibodies. Thus, vaccination might not be able to protect you against this variant for a very long time.

Precautions against New Covid Variant BF.7

In order to protect yourself against Coronavirus and any mutation that further develops, you must remember that the virus is only transmissible through the means of physical touch or contamination of water particles or through coughing and sneezing. Thus, you must take the necessary precautions such as masking up, avoiding physical contact, keep sanitizing, bathing, and much more. The only way to defeat the virus is by stopping it from spreading and the best way in order to do that will be to avoid public gatherings and crowds.

Additionally, there is still no confirmation regarding the immunity that the vaccines provide against the BF.7 Covid Variant. Nevertheless, you must get vaccinated as it shall eventually immune you and even if you are not 100% protected against the virus, you will be immune to the serious illness that you can develop after being attacked by the virus. Thus, you must take all the advised doses of your vaccine and also take up the booster dose for better immunity and strength.

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Prediction of Wave in India for the BF.7 Mutation of Corona

Many scientists and doctors have taken it to explain that a very fierce wave is not expected in India. However, if the situation is to be controlled, gatherings and crowds have to be avoided. The Health Ministry under the Government of India has also notified the same. In order to protect the widespread, tests on airports and much more have commenced too. The second wave of the Covid Virus in India left everyone in despair and caused deeper inconvenience due to the number of cases and the death tally. The Government has not made any serious restrictions as of now. However, they have strongly advocated masks, vaccination, and reducing the size of public gatherings.

COVID-Omicron XBB Variant

There is another variant that is presently doing rounds on the internet and social media channels. This mutation of the Omicron Variant of the Covid Virus was speculated to be very lethal and have a higher mortality rate as compared to Delta. A very strong message has been doing rounds on the WhatsApp of Indians which claimed that the virus is very dangerous and is not indicated by fever and coughing but by body pain and other symptoms.

Further, the text claimed many more things. The Ministry of Health has clarified that the message is fake. They have busted the message as Fake further declaring it as Misleading.

Additionally, little is known about the COVID-Omicron XBB Variant but it is not that lethal and even the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has notified that there are a few patients diagnosed with an illness due to this virus. Further, he denied the detection of the BF.7 Covid Variant in the Union Territory. So far, no such official statements have been issued by any entity in the Government of India or respective State Governments regarding the quotient of danger and mortality of the Omicron XBB or its side effects on a very large scale.

Tally of Coronavirus Cases in India

As far as the BF.7 Covid Variant is concerned, 3 cases have been detected in India, so far. One case was found in the state of Gujarat where two Coronavirus patients have been suffering from this variant in the state of Odisha. As of now, 185 new Covid Cases were detected on 21 December 2022 in India. The total tally of cases has touched the number of 4.47 crore cases and the total health tally has been reported to be 5.31 lakhs.

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How dangerous is BF.7 Covid Variant?

BF.7 Covid Variant is highly transmissible and resistant to vaccinations. It is strongly advocated that the public must opt for precautionary measures but in order to declare it dangerous, more information is awaited on the same.

Are Omicron XBB Variant 5 times more harmful than Delta?

No, the COVID-Omicron XBB Variant is not as lethal as the fake WhatsApp message and other reports are notifying it to be. The Ministry of Health, India has declared the message as fake and misleading. Thus, it is best advised to only depend on the official news and information provided by the Ministry of Health, India or the World Health Organisation WHO.

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