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Pearson Test of English is an integrated skill test of the English Language. It is a computer-based exam that needs proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in English. This is generally given by those candidates who want to study abroad. Candidates have to qualify for two stages of the PTE exam which are a Written exam and an interview. The information about the Test format and registration is given below and their links are also given in the article.

PTE Exam

PTE Test Formats

  • Pearson Test of English is a three hours session divided into three parts of test i.e Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening.
  • During the test, there are 10 minutes of a break between the Reading and Listening section.
  • The test consists of 20 different types of questions which include Multiple choice questions from comprehension and data interpretation info questions.

Part-I: Speaking and Writing Section

  • From this section, check the ability of writing and spoken English of the candidate.
  • You have to complete this session within the given time limit of 77-93 minutes.
  • The test acquires the accurate usage of grammar and spelling.
  • The speaking and writing test includes the subparts as follows:
    • Personal introduction: For a personal introduction, PTE gives you 25 seconds to prepare yourself, and 30 seconds to record your response. It has no marks, but it is countable with your scorecard.
    • Read Aloud: In this section, according to the length of the passage, candidates have 30-40seconds for preparation, and then you hear a short note tone. After that tone, you have to start delivering sentences. Don’t begin the sentences in rush and pronounce them clearly, first on the microphone and begin to record your answer. When time up the recording option changes to the completed option. Candidates must aware that, if they didn’t speak anything for 3 seconds, the recording will stop automatically, so after that short note, they have to speak immediately.
    • Repeat Sentence: In this session, you have to repeat what you hear on the audio, when the audio stops the status will change to the recording option and the microphone will be on. You have to repeat the same thing that you heard. Keep this in your mind you will not get another chance for recording, so don’t be in a rush and pronounce it clearly.
    • Describe Image: You have 25 seconds to prepare and study the given image. In this session also, you heard a short note, after that immediately you have to start telling about the given image. Same as above you will not get a second chance to record it again, so speak clear.
    • Re-Tell Lecture: You have to tell again what you heard, in this part, you also see the image related to the audio, when the audio finishes, you will get 10 seconds for preparation. You can also make a note on an erasable note board while playing the audio.
    • Answer Short Question: For the short questions you have to answer either in one word or a few words by speaking. You can also see the image. Remember there is no replay of audio, so you have to concentrate on questions and reply quickly.
    • Summarize written test: After reading the full passage, you have to write your answer in one sentence not having 75 words, that words should explain the whole passage. In this, you have the option Cut, Copy, & Paste by clicking the left button of the cursor.
    • Essay: You need to write a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 300 words in an argumentive type essay in your response, you will get twenty minutes to write. Cut, Copy, & Paste are also given in this section.

Part-II: Reading

  • You have to complete this session within the given time limit of 32-40 minutes.
  • From this section, they will judge your skill to use grammar and connections related to the sentence.
  • The reading test includes the subparts as follows:
    • Fill in the Blanks: You have to choose an appropriate answer from the drop-down-box, the picture is given below:
  • MCQs and multiple answers: You have to think about the correct answers because there is more than one right answer, and your answer will be highlighted by yellow color and you can also change your option by left click.
  • Re-arrangement of Paragraph: You need to re-arrange the sentence and make the correct one.
  • MCQs with a single answer: From the multiple options you have to choose the correct one.

Part-III: Listening Section

  • The question is based on audio or video clips that play only one time automatically, so listen carefully, and if you want you can also make notes of it.
  • The total time is given to this session is 45-57 minutes.
  • You can increase or decrease the volume as per your comfort.
  • The listening test includes the subparts as are follows:
    • Summarization of delivered text: You have to write a summary minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 70 words and you will get ten minutes to complete it.
    • Multiple Choice Questions and multiple answers: you have to listen to the audio and list the correct options.
    • Fill in the blanks: You have to transcript the audio and fill the missing words
    • Highlight correct Words: It seems to look alike a sentence but you have to highlight the correct one.
    • Multiple Choice Questions and single answers: From the multiple options you have to choose the correct one.
    • Select Missing Words: You have to the appropriate option, the missing option is been replaced by a beep.
    • Highlight Incorrect words: You have to transcript the audio and highlights the errors
    • Dictation writing: You have listened to that short sentence and write in the response box, and check your spellings.

PTE 2022 – Registration Process

Step1: Candidates must create an account or log in to the official website of PTE.

Step2: Fill the all required details regarding your personal details or education/ qualification.

Step3: Candidates must select the Exam Centre as per their convenience.

Step4: Candidates chose the date of examination from the availability.

Step5: Aspirant recheck the all details and move ahead to the next step.

Step6: Make a payment and take a printout of your application form.

PTE Important Links

For PTE Registration For PTE Registration 2022
Official WebsitePTE Official Website

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Which countries accept PTE for immigration?

The countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Which one is more difficult IELTS or PTE?

In terms of difficulty both the exam have their own pattern, both exams require basic fundamental skills in English.

What are the exam fees for PTE?

The PTE exam fee is 13,300 INR

For how many years PTE is valid?

PTE is valid for two years, after two years the score will automatically disappear from the site.

What are the documents you need to carry during the PTE examination?

During the PTE examination you need to carry a valid ID proof, commonly they consider your passport.

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