Applications for the National Startup Awards 2023; How to Apply Online?

National Startup Awards Application: The latest Government in India has focused on sustainable economic growth and in order to fuel this purpose, they have launched the Startup India project. From funding to recognition, this entity of the Government focuses on the development of newly registered but innovative enterprises and their respective entrepreneurs. In order to acknowledge the growth and efforts, the Government also rewards them with the National Startup Awards.

National Startup Awards Application
Apply for National Startup Awards

The first set of awards was distributed in 2020 after a consideration of the crucial factors and parameters. The Government is all set to reward the 2023 awards and in order to get a complete detailed list of all the interested recipients, they have invited applications from the entrepreneurs who are eligible for the respective categories.

The awards will be distributed within 20 categories and the application process has started online through the National Startup portal. Read the ensuing article for stepwise guidance on the application process and a direct link for the online form of the National Startup Awards Application 2023.

National Startup Awards Application 2023

The Application Process for the National Startup Awards 2023 has finally commenced in online mode through the National Startup portal of the Government of India at The last date to apply for the awards reception consideration is 31 May 2023.

The authorities have released an entire document in order to deliver the guidelines pertaining to the National Startup Awards 2023. This is the fourth edition of the awards and there is excitement that prevails in this sector as the Government of India specifically concentrated on developing India as an independent and developed economy by 2047.

As mentioned earlier, the applications have to be filed online and there are 20 categories of awards. The candidates who seek to receive the awards need to analyse their enterprises as per these parameters and accordingly apply if they are eligible. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has vocally urged the ones involved in innovative start-ups to actively participate in these awards that shall help them gain recognition and acknowledgement for their dexterity and endurance.

National Startup Awards Application: Highlights

Name of the Process National Startup Awards Application
AuthorityStartup India under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the Government of India
Name of the Awards National Startup Awards
Number of Award Categories 20
Application Mode Online
Status of Application Active
Last Date to Apply 31 May 2023

Categories of National Startup Awards 2023

20 Categories have been declared for distribution in the contest of National Startup Awards 2023. They are mentioned subsequently along with their intent of acknowledgement:

S.No.Name of the Category Purpose
1.Women-Led InnovationStart-Ups that are run by a Board of Directors that has at least one woman professional
2.Impact in Rural AreasStart-Ups that have made a considerable impact in rural areas with their innovations in arenas of wealth, livelihood, and improvement of lives
3.NextGen InnovatorInnovative Start-Ups founded by young students
4.Indigenous Ingenuity ChampionStart-Ups who are manufacturing their products in India
5.India’s Social Impact ChampionStart-Ups that have put a foot forward in creating a social impact in the arenas of healthcare, Indic language, education, livelihood, or any other similar field
6.Excellence in Innovation from the North-East and Hilly States/UTStart-Ups that offer innovative solutions and are founded in any of the North-Eastern and Hilly States or Union Territory, which are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh and Uttarakhand
7.Sustainability ChampionStart-Ups that particularly involve sustainability
8.Champions of Cultural HeritageStart-Ups concentrated on contributing to the preservance of art, tourism, and textiles based in India.
9.Retail Innovator of the Year Start-Ups concentrated towards retail technologies and food processing
10.Best Startup of the YearStart-Ups that have been striving to provide smoothness in terms of accessibility to Persons with Disability
11.Rising Star AwardStart-Up that is in its early stage and has an immense growth potential
12.Genesis Innovators of the YearStart-Ups that deal with disruptive technology, specifically deep tech
13.Accessibility Innovation AwardStart-Ups that have managed to establish a wonderful international consumer base
14.Financial Inclusion AwardStart-Ups that are working in the field of financial inclusion and literacy
15.AeroInnovate AwardStart-Ups working in the field of aeronautical innovation and solutions such as in aerospace, drones, and aviation.
16.Excellence in Local to Global Start-Ups that have managed to established a wonderful international consumer base
17.Independent Trailblazer AwardStart-Ups that have been bootstrapped from their inception or commencement
18.PivotPro AwardStart-Ups that have remodelled and refurbished the organic business system when faced adversity.
19.The Next Pioneer AwardStart-Ups that have a product fit-market and are building a successful and sustainable business in that arena
20.Innovators for Agriculture and
Animal Husbandry
Start-Ups that have induced innovation in fields of farming and production or are actively adopting such methods

Eligibility Criteria for Awards

The authorities at Startup India have declared that in order to be a recipient of the awards, the applicants have to ensure that they are eligible for the same. The aspirants need to very closely observe the ensuing conditions of eligibility. If they satisfy them, they must proceed with filling out the National Startup Awards Application Form 2023:

  • DPIT must have recognised the Start-Up.
  • Applicants must have been registered with the Registrar of Firms of the respective state or must hold the Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  • The product can be hardware, software, or even a process solution but it must be present in the market at the time of application.
  • Applicant must have registered with all the applicable trade-specific registrations.
  • No default must be spotted in the last three financial years.
  • The applicants need to present their financial records for the last three years. However, in case the start-up is less than three years old, the applicants must provide relevant documents.
  • Start-Up should not have completed 10 years.
  • Those who have already been awarded the National Start-Up Awards cannot apply for the 2023 edition.

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Important Rules of the National Start-Up Awards

The authorities gave also specified the following rules which the applicants must read thoroughly before they fill out the National Startup Awards Application Form:

  • Participation in the awards is not compulsory. Aspirants need to volunteer in order to be considered potential recipients.
  • A single start-up cannot nominate itself in more than two categories.
  • The application must be filled in the English Language only.
  • The finalists can be legally reviewed by third parties and hence, the finalists must know that disagreement with this regulation shall lead to their elimination.
  • The Government of India will use the name, URL, and other such details of the startup for promotional purposes. The entity that signs up for these awards will be estimated to have agreed to this.
  • Any false information or noncompliance with rules will lead to the disqualification of the applicant.
  • No allowances will be paid to the applicants at the time of presentation before the jury.
  • The decision of the jury will be considered the final one.
  • DPIT holds the power to cancel the awards at any instance.
  • All the connected entities with the National Start-Up Awards will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Documents for National Startup Awards Application

The following documents will have to be uploaded by the applicants at the time of application. Thus, they are advised to keep the scans or online formats of these documents ready before they finally apply for the National Startup Awards:

  • The Certificate of Recognition as issued by the DPIIT
  • Certificate of Incorporation or the Certificate from the Registrar of Firms
  • Financial Records of the last three Financial Years
  • Proof of all the applicable trade-specific registrations
  • Memorandum of Association, Partnership deed, or other proofs as recognised by the Government of India while trying to prove that the partner is a woman
  • PAN Card of Founder or Co-Founders
  • Aadhar Card of Founder or Co-Founders
  • Deck of Start-Up pitch in not more than 10 slides
  • Proof of Patent and ITR, if applicable
  • All the relevant documents pertaining to the existence of the Start-Up entity
  • 120 second video which is not a link to a YouTube Video where the applicants explain the product in which the enterprise deals.
  • Self-attested documents reflecting the proof of active users, number of employees hired, R&D and prototype development, funding raised, and TRL level of the startup, if applicable

Apply Online for National Startup Awards 2023

Interested prospects for the National Startup Awards need to apply online on the official portal of Startup India. The authorities will accept the National Startup Awards Application in online mode only. Check the ensuing steps in order to carefully apply for the awards reception:

Applications for the National Startup Awards
Applications for the National Startup Awards
  1. Open the official portal of Startup India at
  2. As you will open the portal, the prompt to apply for the National Startup Awards 2023 will open up.
  3. Tap on the Apply Now button on the prompt page.
  4. You must have been registered on the Startup India portal. However, if you are not registered you can simply create your account.
  5. Use the credentials of the account to Log in to the portal.
  6. The National Startup Awards Application Form will open up on the screen.
  7. There will be certain details that will be automatically reflected on the form considering the ones entered at the time of the creation of the startup account on the portal.
  8. Completely fill out the application form as it appeared on the screen.
  9. Upload the aforementioned documents in the correct sizes and formats.
  10. Lastly, review every uploaded document and filled out information to ensure that you are sending the correct information.
  11. Finally, Submit the National Startup Awards Application Form 2023.
  12. The applicants are further advised to Print the submitted application form for reference in the future.

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What is the last date to submit National Startup Awards Application 2023?

The last date to submit National Startup Awards Application 2023 has been announced as 31 May 2023.

Where can I apply for National Startup Awards 2023?

Interested prospects can apply for the National Startup Awards 2023 at the official portal of Startup India at

How many categories are available for the Awards 2023?

There are 20 categories within which the authorities will reward the Awards 2023.

What is the prize money for the National Startup Award 2023?

The Government of India has declared that they will reward the winners in every category with prize money of Rs. 10 Lakhs each.

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