SWAYAM Free Online Course Registration 2022 Date Extended ARPIT Archived NPTEL Courses Certificate

SWAYAM Registration 2022: SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) is an online portal to provide best teaching-learning experience. Candidates can apply for SWAYAM here. Any learner can register to this portal for online courses. The availability, of course, keeps on changing as it depends on the no of institutions, requirements of respective courses, faculties, and various other factors.

Update-: SWAYAM Registration date for July 2021 Semester has been extended to 17th January 2022

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SWAYAM Registration 2022

The basic objective of launching SWAYAM scheme includes the Creation of content of courses from secondary school level to post-graduation level for all the disciplines and making it available on the SWAYAM Portal. To make an online platform for running and hosting thousands of courses in a single platform. Conduction of online examination and awarding certificates to the learners on completing the course. Recommend institutions for implementing the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) on SWAYAM courses. It is also aimed to address the needs of learners and students studying in universities and colleges across the country. 


SWAYAM 2022 Exam Dates

The examination for SWAYAM courses is to be held on 18 and 19 Feb 2022. Its examinations will be conducted on each day in four slots and 241 courses have been divided among the 4 slots. SWAYAM 2022 examination will be conducted in 141 cities whose details are given on this page.

Exam DateExam Slot & Time
18 FebruarySlot 1: 9 AM to 12 Noon
Slot 2: 2 PM 5 PM
19 FebruarySlot 3: 9 AM to 12 Noon
Slot 4: 2 PM 5 PM

Swayam Online Course Upcoming Examination Plan 

CourseNational CoordinatorsExamination Date
Ancient Greek and Medieval PhilosophyConsortium for Educational Communication (CEC)
Basics of ArabicIndira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
City and Metropolitan PlanningConsortium for Educational Communication (CEC)
Communication Skills (BAL-002)Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Communication Skills-I (ORU-001)Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Communication Skills-II(ORU-002)Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

An Overview of SWAYAM Exam 2022

Portal SWAYAM test
Article category  Examination Schedule
Year 2021
Conducting body National Testing Agency
Course offered Certificate, diploma, graduate, postgraduate
Self-paced courses 11
Scheduled courses 350+
Language English and Hindi
SWAYAM Registration Available for some courses
SWAYAM CoursesCheck Here

SWAYAM Registration 2021 Dates

SWAYAM offers various courses to the learners. Some of these courses are self-paced courses and some of them are scheduled courses. Learner can register for self-paced courses at any time as per their convenience whereas for scheduled courses they need to register at least 60 days before the course starts. Learners can check the schedule for such programs in the official portal by searching the respective course.

ARPIT (Annual Refresher Program in Teaching) is one of the scheduled courses offered under the SWAYAM portal. The examination schedule for ARPIT 2021 is given below-

Activities Dates
Online registration datesTill 17th January 2022
Payment last date18th January 2022
Correction in Application form19 to 21 January 2022
Availability of admit card
Date of examination18 and 19 Feb 2022
Declaration of result

The registration process for ARPIT exam will be available for students till 17 Jan 2022. Whereas those who wanted to make any correction in their application form may do the same from 19 to 21 Jan 2022. Students who submit their applications may download their admit card on notified dates. Those who have not been able to register for the current session may register in next session.

PMKVY Courses

SWAYAM 2022 Slot Wise Exam Schedule

Have a look at the details of examination Slot wise Click here

SWAYAM 2021-22 Exam Cities

SWAYAM Registration – Eligibility

There is not any eligibility criterion specified for any learner under this portal. As the main aim of this SWAYAM is to develop the skill, knowledge, and education of every citizen of India there is no provision for eligibility criteria.

Any individual of any age, qualification, caste/creed, any location can avail of any course delivered through the SWAYAM portal. However, in order to get a certificate, learners have to check the eligibility requirement of the respective course in the portal.

How to do SWAYAM Registration?

For becoming a SWAYAM learner, one has to register first. They can follow the given instructions-

Step 1. SWAYAM portal – Candidates need to visit the swayam portal @ www.swayam.gov.in.

Step 2. They need to click “Register” button provided on the top of the homepage.

SWAYAM registration portal link

Step 3. Now learners have to login. They can login with their social media login (facebook, Google or Microsoft) of they can log in by clicking the “sign up now” option.

SWAYAM registration login

Step 4. On clicking the sign up now link, the registration form will appear in which learners have to provide their basic details to create the account.

Step 5. A verification code will be sent to the email ID and they have to click on “Create” button after entering the names in the required fields.

Step 6. Learner’ account on SWAYAM will be created finally.


No fee is charged for any learner. The courses provided under this portal are free of cost. However, learners who want certification after the completion of the course are required to pay a specified amount of fee (which is usually low). Such candidates must be registered with the portal. Certificated will be allotted to only those candidates who are registered and have paid the course fee.

SWAYAM Technical Requirements

As SWAYAM is an online platform it has some technical requirements that every student who wish to pursue a course from this portal needs to fulfill. These include-

  • Students need to have an active internet connection to avail the online course content. Without internet or with a poor connectivity they will not be able to consume the online content.
  • The systems requirement includes
  • A desktop or laptop with internet connection and flash player installed in it.
  • Operating system- Mac iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux.
  • Port 1935 RTMP or Port 80 should be open
  • Browsers- Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • Students can also download the content. The respective faculty will provide download access.

SWAYAM Test- Evaluation and Certification

Students who had enrolled for the course are eligible to appear for that course.

Evaluation is the responsibility of the host Institute and Principal Invigilator (PI). Evaluation is done on the basis of the performance of the learners in the examinations, assignments, practical, and credit earned during the course.

After conduct of the examination and completion of the evaluation process, Grade/ Marks are awarded to the learners as per the evaluation scheme. The final marks/grade are communicated to the learners/students within 4 weeks from the date of completion of the final examination.

Students who have secured at least 40% marks in the examination will successfully clear the examination and a certificate will be issued to such students by the Ministry of Education. But in case of credit transfer, it will be transferred to the concerned institution.

After the evaluation process and declaration of result, certificates are issued to the successful learners. Certificate is issued by the PI and is sent to the parent institute.

How to check the SWAYAM Test Result?

The result is declared after the conduct of the examination. It is also made available on the SWAYAM portal.

Learners just have to visit the portal and have to click on the result link provided on the homepage. Now they have to enter the “Participant ID” generated at the time of registration and have to click on “View Result”. The scorecard will appear on the screen. They can also download it.

Benefit of SWAYAM

With the help of SWAYAM students will get number of benefits which are given as: –

  • Best In-class Instructor which will empower your skills and knowledge
  • Through this, you will get weekly assignments that may help you to ensure your progress.
  • Proctored exam facility which is channelized with the help of an authorized partner.
  • Credit transfer
  • Local active chapter which will enhance the effectiveness of MOOCs
  • It may help you to build a systematic approach so that you may towards your required learning goals.


Candidates who are interested in taking education through SWAYAM can avail it from online website or also on its application.  SWAYAM application is also available and can be downloaded from all the popular app store.

Check the download link shared below and get SWAYAM app-

For Android Users-Download Here

Who can register a course on SWAYAM?

Any person in the world can register for a course on SWAYAM.

Who issue the certificate after the completion of the course?

The certificate is issued by the host institute.

What courses are delivered at SWAYAM?

SWAYAM host courses from class 9th to Postgraduation level.

What are MOOCs?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the online courses which are developed as per the specified teaching pedagogy i.e. four-quadrant approach and are made available on the SWAYAM platform.

Who prepared and delivers the online courses (MOOCs)?

MOOCs are delivered by the nine National Coordinators (NCs) appointed by the MHRD. These NCs include UGC, NPTEL, NCERT, CEC, IGNOU, NIOS, NITTTR, IIMB & AICTE.

What are the prerequisites for SWAYAM registration?

Learners are required to have a name and a valid email ID for registration. 

How learners will know that their account has been verified?

They will receive an email notification from support@swayam.gov.in on their registered email IDs.

How a learner can search for the course?

They can search it category-wise or just by their own keyword.

Are the courses on this portal are free?

All the courses are delivered free of cost. However, learners have to pay the prescribed fee if they want to appear in the exam and get certificate.

How to find the eligibility for a course?

Eligibility and all the details about the course are mentioned on the Course page.

For how many courses a learner can apply?

A learner can apply for multiple courses after registration.

Is there any deadline or time limit to the courses where a candidate is enrolled?

There is a deadline for scheduled courses; candidates cannot enroll in these courses after the course is started. There is no time limit for self-paced courses.  

Is there any facility to access the content offline?

No, to access the content learners needs to have an active internet connection.

How one can earn credits after enrollment?

By going through the course material provided by the faculty and by watching the course videos.

Is it necessary to watch all the videos in the course to earn credits?

Yes, it is important to watch all the videos and go through all the material provided in the course.

Can assignments be submitted online?

Yes, it can be done online

If you have any question then you can ask us in the comment below.

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    One other Teacher Mrs Rashmi Joshi PRT working in my KV also has not received any email.
    We both have less than a year to retire. So is it because of our retirement due within a year the reason for not getting the email from your end.
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