Circulars -

Circular No. Subject dated
3-4/2017-NVS(W)/2 Revision in the Annual Fund Limit for Major regular M&R works sanctioned from M&R funds disbursed at RO level-reg 367.82 Kb 19-12-2017
3-4/2017-NVS(W)/1 Revision in the Annual Fund Limit for regular M&R works for bldgs. (including day to day maintenance) in JNVs from fund disbursed to Principal. 370.94 Kb 19-12-2017
2-(Balodabazar Ph-A)/2017-NVS(W)/149 Construction of Phase-A works at JNV, Distt. Balodabazar (Chattisgarh)- Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction -reg 1057.75 Kb 14-12-2017
F.1-1/2017-NVS/GM/1 Guidelines for official communication with NVS by Construction Agencies (CA) with reference to Construction works 532.97 Kb 15-09-2017
2-Ircon (Agar Malwa)/2017-NVS(W) Construction of Phase-A works at JNV, Agar Malwa (M.P)-Administrative & Expenditure Sanction 1185.72 Kb 25-08-2017
2-19(7)/2014-NVS(W)Phase B Construction of Retaining Wall works at JNV, North Tripura (Tripura) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 04-08-2017
2-63(8)/2017-NVS(W)Phase A Construction of Phase A works at JNV Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 28-07-2017
F.NVS/Constn/Misc.-I/2017-18/002 Procedure & Stages involved in sanction of NVS projects - Regarding Grant of Mobilization Advance to Construction Agencies (other than PWOs) for executing NVS works 340.88 Kb 25-07-2017
1-1/2017-18-NVS(GM)/1029 Reimbursement of Service Tax on Construction work / M&R works being undertaken on behalf of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti 586.87 Kb 28-06-2017
Minutes of 24th Construction Coordination Committee Meeting of NVS held on 13.01.2017 at NVS (HQ) 1975.18 Kb 27-06-2017
2(002)/EE(HQ)Chd/2017-NVS(W) Region-wise Service Charges for “Providing PMC services for Construction and Maintenance & Repair (M&R) works of JNVs and other Buildings" 710.32 Kb 21-06-2017
NVS/Const/Misc-I/2017-18 Reporting and Reviewing Structure for the officers (on deputation / regular) regarding ACR/ APAR in Construction wing of NVS(HQ) and ROs 197.53 Kb 13-06-2017
Proposed New layout for upcoming school building of JNVs 868.37 Kb 25-05-2017
2(002)/EE(HQ)-ch/2017-NVS(W) List of Qualified bidders on Bid No. 01/NVS/2016-17 137.74 Kb 07-04-2017
01/NVS/2016-17 Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting 856.08 Kb 28-03-2017
1-2/2016/GM/NVS Revised procedure and guidelines for estimation, calling of tenders and acceptance of tenders 1443.95 Kb 25-01-2017
3-5/2003-NVS(W) Minutes of 23rd CCC Meeting 1453.94 Kb 23-01-2017