Circulars -

Circular No. Subject dated
1-2/2017-NVS/GM/ Instructions on Inspection Report during the site visit by NVS officials 194.47 Kb 12-06-2018
1-2/2017-NVS/GM/448 Modification in Annexure-I of Technical Circular of 01/17 dated 25.01.2017 746.53 Kb 03-05-2018
3-5/97-NVS (W)/443 Notification No. - 02/2018 regarding Specifications of infrastructure/building in a JNV 402.93 Kb 02-05-2018
3-5/97-NVS (W)/444 Notification No- 01/2018 regarding Norms of infrastructure in a JNV 650.7 Kb 02-05-2018
2-(Fazilka Ph-A)/2018-NVS (W)/ ID 10136 430 Construction of Phase A Works at JNV, Distt Fazilka (Punjab) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 1720.51 Kb 24-04-2018
2-(Girdaspur Ph-A)/2018-NVS (W)/ID 10137 431 Construction of Phase A Works at JNV, Distt Gurdaspur (Punjab) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 1375.15 Kb 24-04-2018
2-NPCC (Chhatarpur) / 2018-NVS (W)/ID 10130/400 Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction for Construction of 0.625 Unit Additional Boys Dormitory for 120 students with one Warden Residence and 0.375 Unit Additional Girls Dormitory for 72 students with one Warden Residence at JNV Distt Chhatarpur 1249.16 Kb 10-04-2018
1-1/2017-18/NVS/GM/ Providing and installation of new 25 KVA DG Set in place of old, not working DG Set in the JNVs 16-03-2018
32-1/2014-NVS(Acad)/2018 Request for Selection (RFS) of bidders for implementation of 18.78 MW Grid connected Roof top PV System in JNVs located in different States/Union territory of India under RESCO model. 24-01-2018
2-4 (Gen.Cor)/2017.NVS(W) Revised guidelines on procedure to execute M&R works at Vidyalaya level by the Principal, JNV 23-01-2018
3-4/2017-NVS(W)/2 Revision in the Annual Fund Limit for Major regular M&R works sanctioned from M&R funds disbursed at RO level-reg 367.82 Kb 19-12-2017
3-4/2017-NVS(W)/1 Revision in the Annual Fund Limit for regular M&R works for bldgs. (including day to day maintenance) in JNVs from fund disbursed to Principal. 370.94 Kb 19-12-2017
2-(Balodabazar Ph-A)/2017-NVS(W)/149 Construction of Phase-A works at JNV, Distt. Balodabazar (Chattisgarh)- Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction -reg 1057.75 Kb 14-12-2017
F.1-1/2017-NVS/GM/1 Guidelines for official communication with NVS by Construction Agencies (CA) with reference to Construction works 532.97 Kb 15-09-2017
2-Ircon (Agar Malwa)/2017-NVS(W) Construction of Phase-A works at JNV, Agar Malwa (M.P)-Administrative & Expenditure Sanction 1185.72 Kb 25-08-2017
2-19(7)/2014-NVS(W)Phase B Construction of Retaining Wall works at JNV, North Tripura (Tripura) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 04-08-2017
2-63(8)/2017-NVS(W)Phase A Construction of Phase A works at JNV Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) - Administrative Approval & Expenditure Sanction 28-07-2017
F.NVS/Constn/Misc.-I/2017-18/002 Procedure & Stages involved in sanction of NVS projects - Regarding Grant of Mobilization Advance to Construction Agencies (other than PWOs) for executing NVS works 340.88 Kb 25-07-2017
1-1/2017-18-NVS(GM)/1029 Reimbursement of Service Tax on Construction work / M&R works being undertaken on behalf of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti 586.87 Kb 28-06-2017
Minutes of 24th Construction Coordination Committee Meeting of NVS held on 13.01.2017 at NVS (HQ) 1975.18 Kb 27-06-2017
2(002)/EE(HQ)Chd/2017-NVS(W) Region-wise Service Charges for “Providing PMC services for Construction and Maintenance & Repair (M&R) works of JNVs and other Buildings" 710.32 Kb 21-06-2017
NVS/Const/Misc-I/2017-18 Reporting and Reviewing Structure for the officers (on deputation / regular) regarding ACR/ APAR in Construction wing of NVS(HQ) and ROs 197.53 Kb 13-06-2017
Proposed New layout for upcoming school building of JNVs 868.37 Kb 25-05-2017
2(002)/EE(HQ)-ch/2017-NVS(W) List of Qualified bidders on Bid No. 01/NVS/2016-17 137.74 Kb 07-04-2017
01/NVS/2016-17 Minutes of Pre-Bid Meeting 856.08 Kb 28-03-2017
1-2/2016/GM/NVS Revised procedure and guidelines for estimation, calling of tenders and acceptance of tenders 1443.95 Kb 25-01-2017
3-5/2003-NVS(W) Minutes of 23rd CCC Meeting 1453.94 Kb 23-01-2017